Tori-Santa 2019
Announcements in Forum: Inquisition
Board rules, read if you're a new poster.

Hi! I have decided to make an easy to view list of our rules.

Our stance on invades:

We are open for invades, but please follow these guidelines:

  • Do NOT Spam us.
  • If we tell you to never post in our board again, NEVER post in our board again.
  • Our application thread is ONLY for members and applicants to post in, not applying? DON'T post.

Image posting rules:

  • Keep them in spoiler tags if they mess up the page, even slightly.
  • Only post SFW images, we have a zero tolerance on NSFW content being posted in our public board.

IRC Rules:

It's a free for all, but be polite, we wont bite, unless you want us to.

Private Board rules:

What about them?

Notifying us about multi-applicants

Do NOT publicly post this, PM Tuna about this.

And last up,

This is an official warning post, those that break these rules might be reported to a mod, depends how much you piss me off really... But most importantly of all, have fun, and don't be a fucking cunt, we only need one of those, and I fill that position.

Aimlessly swimming in circumcisions