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Clan [Renegade], formerly Renegade Arena Leader: Fatesight Co-leaders: Rawrman and S0uL3aTer NEW RULE: Anyone going inactive for a prolonged period of time MUST post in the inactivity report thread, or will be removed in the periodical roster purging! GOING OFFICIAL: The bare necessities: - DSC thread: DONE! - Funds: 35K (70%)
16 48 617
Sep 24, 2009
Can you fight for the Secret?
12 47 192
Jun 14, 2011
We are the Toribash Army. HNG
624 46 473
Jun 10, 2009
Private Board improvisada.
9 40 508
Apr 19, 2015
In the beginning there were machines. But not the machines we all know and think of today. These machines were infused with the power of the gods and were the Elite; they were eternal servants to the Gods. But the machines knew they had potential so the created a power. This power surpassed the gods and they were cast into the center of the planet, the machines destroyed anything that went against their rule. But, this power was too great for these machines and the power annihilated them, leaving only their lifeless shells. This power used the shells of the Elite to form a more powerful life force, they were known as the Drones, and the power itself was remade in an impenetrable casing and was christened DoomDrone. winner gets tc from all who lose.
23 36 130
Oct 24, 2009
26 34 180
Jan 1, 2010
all in this group must be indonesian people :) thanks
110 32 193
Aug 17, 2014
The secret group of Liquor to Gather and drink inside of the Bar! We got pole-dancers and also a girls for $10/night.
20 28 269
Apr 3, 2015
If you want to help teach people to make profit or if you need someone to teach you how to make profit then you've come to the right place.
464 28 170
Aug 7, 2014
For those out there wanting to expand the Sparring Community, and communicate to sparers all over the Tori-Universe welcome to the Sparring Community Group :) Can we reach 100 members?!
195 26 127
Dec 20, 2018
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