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.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::. .:: Send 500 tc to Hector to Enter ::. .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::. This group is called 500 because you have to send 500 tc to join it and also someday it will have 500 members. Oh yeah, it's ID is also 500 (Simply awesome coincidence, isn't it?). But the main news: Random member will get a Void Relax for free! .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::. .:: Send 500 tc to Hector to Enter ::. .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::. Эта группа называется 500 потому что для вступления в неё вам необходимо заплатить мне 500 тк, когда-нибудь в ней наберётся 500 человек и ни одним больше. Между прочтим ID группы также 500, что говорит о её охуенности. Но самое главное! Случайный член группы получит Воид Релакс нахаляву! .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::. .:: Send 500 tc to Hector to Enter ::.
498 20 873
May 24, 2009
Clan [Renegade], formerly Renegade Arena Leader: Fatesight Co-leaders: Rawrman and S0uL3aTer NEW RULE: Anyone going inactive for a prolonged period of time MUST post in the inactivity report thread, or will be removed in the periodical roster purging! GOING OFFICIAL: The bare necessities: - DSC thread: DONE! - Funds: 35K (70%)
16 48 617
Sep 24, 2009
Private Board improvisada.
9 40 508
Apr 19, 2015
9 18 475
Aug 20, 2009
We are the Toribash Army. HNG
625 46 473
Jun 10, 2009
Russian organization for not only russian players our forum: We are open for all. if you want, if you can to do something useful join right now.
71 19 416
Sep 23, 2009
5 18 317
Jan 27, 2010
The secret group of Liquor to Gather and drink inside of the Bar! We got pole-dancers and also a girls for $10/night.
22 28 269
Apr 3, 2015
For as long as sunglasses have existed, there have always been those who were not satisfied. Those who didn't want better UV protection, who weren't interested in polarized lenses. No, they wanted more. They needed it, they demanded it. And so the shutter shades were born. With 0 protection from the sun and no vision correction whatsoever, these proud few knew they had the world beat.
382 14 264
Mar 4, 2014
Are You Asian Enough? Which one are you? Karate Or Kung-Fu?
57 9 245
Sep 23, 2017
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