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[Please Read] Im outski,
Well iv been considering this for the best part of last year and today finally cemented the choice in my mind. Il be departing from Aeon & Toribash effective now, Any inventory i posses will be deposited into the clan bank.

Sadly as the years have passed, iv felt less and less connected to the clan and, to all the members, To the point where we literally have nothing in common anymore.

Discord was the final reminder of this time to move on for me.

To all of you good luck with what ever you happen to do with yourselfs

Love you Chirs/Lars
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hey man No hard feelings

I hope you have a great life and all!!
Thx for all the time you put into Aeon and all the fun timnes we had
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tfw the people you talked to weren't even in aeon

i mean just be honest and say you wanna move on, no need to blame someone else.

you'll be missed tho
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have a safe trip


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