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Old May 2, 2012   #1
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[Solved] Rasism.

First screenshot was taken late dargon wasn't there when he said that.

but the second one he said it right infront of a mod and I got banned from the server. .
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Dargon asked me to post this

[21:07:46] <hiPriest> <MadPuppet> get out of here noob
[21:07:51] <hiPriest> <MadPuppet> ur annoying
[21:07:57] <hiPriest> <[-Quantum]yassir12> me?
[21:08:01] <hiPriest> <MadPuppet> go get aids from some ugly ass bitch
[21:08:07] <hiPriest> <MadPuppet> yes u
[21:08:09] <hiPriest> <[-Quantum]yassir12> well
[21:08:11] <hiPriest> <[RAWR]Dargon> 'sup?
[21:08:13] <hiPriest> <[-Quantum]yassir12> first of all
[21:08:15] <hiPriest> <MadPuppet> Hi Dargon
[21:08:18] <hiPriest> <[-MyLittle]swetaros> hello there, dargon
[21:08:20] <hiPriest> <[-Quantum]yassir12> yo drag
[21:08:30] <hiPriest> <[#h]hiPriest> Hi dargon, moderate this room for me, madpuppet seems to be a nigger.
How are you?
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Oh lookie, this story has two sides too. ..How suprising.

Anyways, both sides have been punished accordingly and whatnot.
< Larfen> also my replay thread has more views than the rules thread \o/

...This probably explains most problems in this community.

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