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Problems with Toribash 3.99
Hello, i write there 1st time. I didn't found the same problem so I writing new thread.
Look at that picture:, that's what I see when turning on Toribash .
I can't play with that problem and I must download latest versions without servers. If you know what's going on please help.

Edit #1
When i open toribash in 250 colors, problem disapearing but i wanna play like everyone - normal!

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Hardware info please

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Since this is the "Problems with Toribash 3.99" thread, i thought that i would seek some Resolution here.
There were (Right after the release of 3.99) some "Socket error" issues that occured when joining rooms, but i haven't seen it in a while, has this been resolved?
And as for this Issue at hand I've never had toribash do this, so i suspect its as skulfuk is implying and its an issue with your hardware [however if i fullscreen toribash by means of hitting Alt+enter my whole monitor's image rotates 90 degrees, but its always done this. So i suspect that its due to a shitty key-mapping somewhere in my software
only occurs with toribash however >.> PS. its not a big deal if i hold Ctrl + Alt + an arrow key i can cause this to happen anyways... but not usually with Alt + Enter... not an issue since i play windowed just something funny i thought you all should know.]
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Erm, before I got a graphics card, this did it to me too, same for most OPENGL games, and the fact that 1.4 or lower is not even capable enough to do so.

Games like Not-Tetris did the same.
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I will not give you my hardware info because I have very weak laptop and you will laugh xd. So that's problem with my graphic card or laptop because it's too weak? Sorry for my english, I'm learning. I will have better PC soon, and I hope it will work correctly.
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