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Toribash Dev

As you know, Wibbles has been recently taken down - to be reborn into something that is both not-as-bad and even worse at the same time.

Originally Posted by Ele

The board now has no rules at all.*
You can post whatever you want there, be it memes, dumb jokes about Reta, words banned by general forum rules etc.

Originally Posted by TiMEWoRKER

To access Wibbles, you need to purchase Wibbles forum subscription. Fee's purpose isn't to sink TC or profit from you - but rather to keep regular users who don't want to see (possibly) offensive content on Toribash forums away from it.

  • Wibbles - this is a base subscription to access Wibbles. Currently set to 2K TC per 10 days of access, will be switched to monthly fee in mid October.

  • Wibbles Anonymous - Wibbles subscription upgrade. This makes your posts in Wibbles appear as anonymous to other users. Note that it doesn't grant you the board access.

And congratulations to Ele who has been selected as the first Wibbles Cop with lifetime board access and moderator permissions!

* We still don't allow stuff like illegal porn, phishing links, gore, and any other type of malicious content; posting that will get you banned and your wibbles access terminated

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