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joji - in tongues album

in tongues, joji's first studio album, was just released yesterday. most of the songs would fall under 'lofi rnb' as a genre, i'd say. it also has that one song that he began working on/teased in the snake or the rabbit, which is pretty cool

personally, i see myself listening to a few songs in the album pretty frequently. i've always liked joji's music. a lot of it is very simple, however his songs always have a very relaxing yet interesting flow to them.

another pretty cool point about it is lofi poking out of the underground into a more mainstream audience. it's super interesting to see that heavily sampled music is rising in popularity again. in my opinion, it's really fun to make and listen to.

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i was waiting for this album to drop and i just downloaded the full album in spotify!

i'll say that i love his "joji" music much more than the "filthyfrank" style.

i also like that joji is dedicated in pursuing this style of music more and i enjoy them a lot, joji is one majestic person.
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yeah, i'm happy for him. it really seems that the career is going well

i'll always miss frequent frank videos, but honestly joji as himself is a great character. super dope that we'll be getting pink guy stuff still, too.
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