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Hall o' Translations
Hey, do you know a foreign language? Have you ever noticed the goofs and fails of forum/google translators?
If so, here is your chance to make a difference.
This works as so. You find a FAQ and or, any important thread on the Toribash Forums, you translate it in a language it has not been translated to, then you post it here.
Now you may be asking, why not get in direct contact with staff? Well, staff are busy, they may not always be able to drop what they are doing to implement a translation.
That is where this thread come in handy. When staff have time they may come to this thread and implement the translations they see most needed/best fitting at the time.
This avoids the communication barrier and allows staff to implement at their own pase.
Do no use google translate, we will be able to tell/find out.
Do not aggravate staff to implement your translation, this thread is made to avoid that.
Get to translating!!!

Be Cool. Have Style.
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i made a translation for account sharing rules in this thread

Aarabic translation

you read it from right to left btw
!دجاج مقلي
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Thanks for your contribution.
I would try bolding some things and making it the same size as the text in that thread.
Other than that, great job.
I am looking to see some good translations.
Keep up the good work <3
Soon I will be posting some translations of my own.

Be Cool. Have Style.
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