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Elf Cartoon Head
Selling this head

Artist: PandaHero
Previous owner: --
Size: 512x512
Recolor: No

[insert name here] [insert name here] [insert name here]

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Originally Posted by The Rules
Texture previews must adhere to the following:*
.....I) A preview of both the front and the back of any texture/texture set must be provided.
.....II) All previews must be provided on Toribash's default shader.
.....III) Previews should not contain any obscuring items, Flames, 3D Items, Hair Items, Ghosts, Tori/Uke, in-game chat or 3rd party edits.
.....*Alternatively you can utilize for your previews. Click the link for more information.

Hey can, you add the appropriate previews please, not just the flat, thanks.
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