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Logan Paul - Dead Body
"December 31st, 2017, Logan Paul uploaded a video to YouTube in which he visited Aokigahara, a forest on Mt. Fuji in Japan known as the “Suicide Forest” for the unusually high number of suicides that take place there" Cited From an article by Madison Malone Kurshier

He was doing a vlog On December 31st Which he walked through the forest, Sources said that he proceeded to Veer off the trail in which the residents and staff of the forest told him to stay on, Which is where he found a man(The name of the suicide victim has not been released yet, That i know of) Hanging dead on a tree. He recieved major backlash from his community mainly of 9-14 year old viewers. So in my opinion if he found this he should have never posted this on social media. It was just wrong. Do you guys have thoughts on this?
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this isn't relevant anymore

he's still the same retard, didn't change at all

at least youtube finally took action
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ancient story. he fucked up he got punished (by youtube specifically).
yes he is still acting retarted and making money of his merch that is based on his channel.
people are fine with it as long as he don't fuck up again.
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Logan is an idiot without remorse for the stupid shit he does. Plus, this is kind of irrleivent as a topic. People got upset and pissy at PewDiePie for using the hard R during a live stream. That's during the heat of the moment, yet Logan video taped, edited, and uploaded a dead body not thinking twice.

This isn't worth talking about really. He's a moron and nothing can change that.
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Alright im just going to shut this down.
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