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One Booster at a Time Across All Accounts
The Qi and TC limit was put in place to stop players from earning TC at 100 wins each day. This limit applies to boosters, as someone with a booster will stop earning TC from that booster when they hit the 100 win limit. If a user were to purchase multiple boosters across multiple alternate accounts, they essentially bypass this limit.
This rule should be established for boosters, and not earning TC on an alternate account as a whole, because it is very possible for this to be exploited and potentially damage the economy by over saturating the amount of TC in circulation. This problem simply isn't a concern if each win earned you 10 TC (sometimes 50 TC) per win when you play in public servers, even if you do this on multiple accounts.
Additionally, because all this newly generated TC would be created by one specific individual and only be introduced into circulation through marketing or in-game transfers like duels or bets, the players who aren't actively involved in those activities will continue to earn TC at a snail's pace. The gap between the rich and poor would be wider than it's ever been.

Even without using the current state of the Toribash economy or any specific examples to justify why this change is needed, this rule makes sense.
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Completely agree, the only reason they're allowing the bending of an already set restriction is because Prince is spending $1500+ Per month and that's probably more than what Nabi has previously made in revenue but while allowing this to happen they're making the Torishop and other sales funnels Nabi has completely useless. I believe setting this restriction not only for the reason that it makes sense but it's going to not only help the community but it's going to eventually help Nabi especially when TBN gets released, I'd personally not like to see an immediate inflation once it is released due to booster abuse.
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This is counter productive. It doesn't make sense to stop somebody from spending $1500+ on the game each month. Because the whole point of a good economy is to be able to sell more TC. So what you can do instead is come up with new ways to sink it.
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Originally Posted by Mafia View Post
This is counter productive. It doesn't make sense to stop somebody from spending $1500+ on the game each month. Because the whole point of a good economy is to be able to sell more TC. So what you can do instead is come up with new ways to sink it.

It isn't counter productive at all. If you bring less TC into the circulation then you won't need to worry about sinking it later on. Unless you find a way to sink all the TC that is spawned monthly, you're better off just finding ways to spawn less TC
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I agree with Mafia.

I dont agree with buying boosters on multiple accounts, however, it would make no sense for Nabi to make a rule that restricts any form of profits they make.
I understand that this much TC in circulation is bad for the economy etc, but that's just how its going to be.

TC sinks are something that need to be a bit more common and need to be inviting enough so that a higher amount of people will actually become involved in it, as thats the only way i can see this issue being fixed without the sacrifice of revenue.

So overall I dont agree with this suggestion, although i would love to.
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I do believe this suggestion would benifit the economy in the long run. Here are my thoughts:

1) They don't do anything

The economy suffers as there are thousands of TC spawning and none getting sunk. Eventually leading to a crash (with the tc being so cheap that the set prices of items and such would be laughable at).

2) They add in more sink

While this seems like the most easy one. Who is to tell there won't be another person with a 100$ and spare time ready to farm some tc. So the economy would suffer still with all these new people generating more and more tc. That is assuming there will be buyers for the tc. As a matter of fact the money that's going to nabi is the one that people are spending on buying prince's tc (and him buying boosters to make more profit). So the actual limit of how much money nabi would get is the amount of money being spent by the community on tc. If there are multiple people using this method of spawning tc there would be a crash, unless they add more sink at which point the whole economy would depend on these people farming tc.

(All this is assuming that the people farming tc will continue farming)

3) They add this rule

At first they would lose their income for sure. And it's very unlikely that they will gain the loss in a short time. But overall in a longer period of time, if the game survives, this will bring a solution to the problem.

I don't know what kind of changes to the economy toribash next is gonna bring, so i didn't account for that (but if the general way of people buying tc, how the market functions doesn't change. And toribash next brings new people to the game then this rule should be enforced moreso)

Sorry if i'm wrong with my predictions, i have little knowledge in economy.

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