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lowkey i hardly get outsprayed in solos (in build fights at least) and i can get 5+ kill games pretty consistently if im not doing shitty early game
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Originally Posted by trapmoney View Post
I gotta tell you, the SMG meta ruined the game lol. It was so much better when people weren't running around with blue drum guns and gold p90's all day.

That and the fact that they added the new shotgun that's only good in extreme close range meaning that anyone could just run up to you spraying your builds down and pull their double barrel shotgun out and one shot you. Even if you have at least 100 health and 40+ shield.

idk why, but I am way better using a controller on pc than I am when I use keyboard and mouse. Is it just me? I even have Daequan's keyboard and mouse and tried to get good using them but never did.

controller on pc is ass learn how to use a keyboard and mouse
all this money i might hide it in the bank
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I got over 250 on all my different accounts combined... I played on ps4, on my main account I had 160 wins, and spent over $500 dollars lmao. Then I sold it for 180, and just kept switching up from that point. If any of you wanna see my current stats go to fortnite tracker and look up (w for ps4.... there is a space between the "w" and "8", Those are my stats after two weeks and then I gave my ps4 away. So when I come back, Ima be rusty af.
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how many wins yall got?

I'm not that sweaty and I've been playing since like before Halloween so I have like 370 or so on my xbox and pc combined. The only thing I regret is not buying the ghoul trooper when it was out
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