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Clan: Bright

(BT) Bright

Respect your member-mates.
Don't show toxicity in a clan war.
-Do not start unnecessary arguments.
Respect members' opinion.!
Don't be racist to the members inside the clan.
Chill and be Bright!

Bright is a word that has many meanings, but there is one meaning that we are proud of.... shining, we shine against our opponents and defeat them with our brightness!



[]Get 10 members in the clan
[]Win 10 wars
[]Win 20 wars
[]Make it in the top 10
[x]Become a Bright clan

You can apply in the clan recruitment thread or apply in our discord server OR also you can be lucky and find the leader recruiting in-game that way you are able to tryout.
Applying in the recruitment thread will give you more chance of being accepted if you are deciding to apply.

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Clan: OwO

Hello there, neighbor!
Good luck with your clan, hope you manage to make it a great clan :^)
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Good luck!
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