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Old Mar 27, 2013   #1
In coder land
Toribash 4.4 beta 1
Time for new release.

New Features:
- Replay speed (control with ,.)

New options:
- added flag option

Bug fixes:
- fixed admin rights with settings rpl associations
- fixed pressing space on match ends randomly starts new game instead of starting after a replay once
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Thank goodness, the "pressing space" issue was really annoying me.
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nice update hampa! keep up the awesome work
damn hampa thanks a lot! I think shaders are now allowed in my laptop XD

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When are the duels going to be fixed hampa?
also, nice update.
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yup plzz fix the duels..its really annoying.
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This replay speed adjustement is going to make things a lot easier for us Vid makers
Thx Hampa

that's a nice update!
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Wow, you finally managed to fix the lag with shaders, now I can at least run the defualt shader with no lag at all. Thanks.
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Thanks for fixing that spacebar issue. I lost many occasions for saving an awesome match for that
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Thanks for the space bar issue also, And the replay speed will look cool. Downloading now
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I'll download now, and play asap.

If the spacebar bug is fixed, then I'll probably start making replays *-*

Also, the flag being an Option is pretty awesome too
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