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(Q) Queen
  • Zora was only a little girl when her mother raked out her left eye. A mauled princess, she is alive only because of her political marriage potential. In a world where misogyny reigns, there is little she can do about her situation. When Zora comes of age, she decides to take matters into her own hands, and plots the murders of her father and his proclaimed heir.

  • Jurauk likes to eat people. His favorite part is the neck. Sadly, humans are getting a little scarce. Being the second heir of the mythical race of Nefari, it's his job to find the tastiest morsel and bring it back home on a silver platter. His only problem? His intended prey is willing to put up a hell of a battle.


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Good luck with your epic clan.
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am I still not allowed
Peeing in my coffee mug.
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PM me!
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the biggest honkers around the block
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Did they remove the clanthread moderation?

Well anyways good luck with the clan and hmu if you need any help with the thread
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