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Food Thread
Discussion on the nutritional content, deliciousness of certain foods as well as food combinations. Food cringe is also acceptable (/r/shittyfoodporn).

Bout to drop some knowledge bombs so don't be ignorant to my beliefs (the word for that in the dictionary is BIGOT)

Enriched wheat flour is actually detrimentally bad for your health, contains only 3 out of the 11-12 vitamins and essential nutrients not to mention usually bleached for the extra ammonia in your diet (your body digests this differently, putting on more unnecessary weight and deterioration of the cartilage/joints) A good counter method is to eat tumeric, since it strengthens the cartilage.

Soy is only edible if it's been fermented. Soy letchin, soy protein, edamame and soy oil are all raw soy products that further cause negative health impacts. Soy sauce is still legit though, and did you know 94% of all soy is GMO? 88% of corn is GMO.

Vegetable oil, Canola oil, Palm oil and margarine are all things you want to stay away from. It destroys the blood brain barrier in your brain, kills off your nervous system slowly as well as organ failure later on- it's loaded with trans fats which further ruin your health (especially as you get older). It's in a FUCKTON of food products, so be sure to read the ingredients!

Oh, don't get me started, there's a lot of fucked up things in the food industry since it's killing more people than driving / pharmaceutical / drugs combined. If you really value your life, value what food you put into yourself to extract energy for day to day tasks. It's like putting crude oil in your gas tank, you simply don't.
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i like pizza
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I like choripan

and manaos..
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I like shoyu-ramen and sushi
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