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New Legends - 2019 Edition


Crazy Russian war machine.
Dominated The Best of the Champions for years and hoarded hundreds of old Shiai Tokens.
Leader of Alpha clan.


Pioneer in replay making and the multiplayer scene.
Curator of book of records and the stock replay folder.
GameMaster who grew to Event Squad Administrator.


Absolute beast of a player and one of the best Toribash duelers.
Toribash 2018 World Champion.
Richest player Toribash ever had.


Invented a new style of play in a game that was already 8 years old.
Completely selftaught replaymaker who became a master all on his own.
Founder of MAS and creator of the most realistic martial arts demos Toribash has ever seen.


One of the strongest players Toribash ever had.
Completely dominated the -shu mods in 2012-2014.
Leader of RelaxAll clan.

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Smurf for legend

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Originally Posted by Swaves View Post
Smurf for legend


what kind of felnin is this?
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no glOw...


jk congratz ily orko
hampa Moderated Message:

also, it's effing glOw.
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In all honesty I think I’ve been doing realism longer than bink. I’ve been hitting mma moves in aikido since my start in 2011. I understand this is not the same as MASing. The only difference is I do my stuff competitively while his his choreography.
IRL Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai
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