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what’s your cringiest school moment
has to be something you did
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I rode my harley davidson into the school, parked it in the hallway next to class and said "sup' teach" he said whats up back to me, everyone in the class was asking me questions, mainly why I was there, because I had graduated school 3 years ago
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I stole like 1000 pokemon cards of this dude when I was real young and later I went to some kids house and I left my bag open and he saw them and snitched on me (prick) and everyone knew but I was in denial and I "found" a card by the playground and gave it to the guy I stole off to be like oh hey idk where ur cards are but I found a super cool one on the bball court

I was like 12 or something was pretty cringe
I apologise for this post.
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One time I was at school and I pulled down my pants as everyone was leaving and I stood on my desk *facepalm* i have pics
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prove it

so many to pick from lol
one time i farted so loud in class that the teacher stopped and looked at me and said really coca?? and everyone laughed but i owned it
i created the ??? emoji
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Was 3-4 y.o.
I had to go pee but my teacher didn't allow me
Coudn't resist, ended up pee'ing my pants infront of the whole class.
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i remember in P.E. we were doing dogdeball and i was in a team with a really depressed kid called kieran and i tried to provide support by chanting "go kieran" over and over while my teacher was talking to the rest of the class then i realize everyone went silent and was staring at me and i was like wtf im only tryna help the depressed kid

that was back when i was extroverted now im an anxious mess

i was like 7 guys come on

oh i also remember i tripped up some kid when he was on this climbing thing and he fell and hurt his ass real bad and i tried to blame it on someone else who was near and it didnt work in my favor since it looked totally obvious
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back when i was a lil fat boy in 5th grade we had to do a pull up test. It was the most humiliating thing when i wasnt able to do a single pull up in front of the entire class.
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i cried
i cried a lot

like, a lot a lot

but luckily i don't cry that much anymore
m a r d o l a r d o
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i puked onto someone else's backpack on my first school day ever
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