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New Legends - 2019 Edition


Crazy Russian war machine.
Dominated The Best of the Champions for years and hoarded hundreds of old Shiai Tokens.
Leader of Alpha clan.


Pioneer in replay making and the multiplayer scene.
Curator of book of records and the stock replay folder.
GameMaster who grew to Event Squad Administrator.


Absolute beast of a player and one of the best Toribash duelers.
Toribash 2018 World Champion.
Richest player Toribash ever had.


Invented a new style of play in a game that was already 8 years old.
Completely selftaught replaymaker who became a master all on his own.
Founder of MAS and creator of the most realistic martial arts demos Toribash has ever seen.


One of the strongest players Toribash ever had.
Completely dominated the -shu mods in 2012-2014.
Leader of RelaxAll clan.

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Well, thanks guys. It is an honor receiving this title. Could not have done it all on my own. I hope to keep inspiring players to execute good performance by practicing our theoretical notion of body motions during sparring sessions.

yeey now i have a crown B)

By the way, Jisse and I are Co-founders of mas. can we still edit that part of the text? Had a lot of fun playing and developing principles with this bad boy; Helped and thought me how to make mods with that cool nerdy brain of his.
And hereby i also thank Mocucha for making this epic Martial artist video and many more. His creative work highlighted many of us with his vid making skill set wich made us look more epic and glorious to watch.

Many more i have to thank, but for now I'll leave it with these two who pulled me out of my lonley SP cave back then at the begining X)

Cheers m8s

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Congrats to yall.
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<Polybius> eu pego mais bunda que uma privada
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Bink, stop being so humble. You're too nice.
*Pulls more tail then a special needs child at the petting zoo*
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yeaa boiii. congrats to all :>
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Congratz Binklawz, you definitely deserved it 100%

Now hopefully they will realize Mocuchas influence.

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Congratulations, everyone deserved it!

*where is Dezrai?*
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Congrats, welcome to the club.

*obligatory where is my friend/clan mate??*
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Also I stream tetris
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<3 <3 <3
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can i nominate myself
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Well good job to you guys.
at least 5 new legends have been found, but i hope they are not the lasts, the five of you deserved it by your own way.
Anyway i don't really know what to say, just, Congratulations and Keep going the way you been following those years.

Hurry up and join this group :

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