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Old Nov 30, 2016   #701
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Oh jeez, i've never done one of these. Well, here I go:
I am simple...

All about me
28 Nov 2000
Yea so i'm no super star, aye. I'm 16 years old , born and raised in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. My mum(or mom) is from Hawaii and my dad is from NZ. I have one cat called pumpkin and a dog called Major; we had another cat but he slowly passed away due to excretion failure. Rugby is life, couldn't live without it -btw- my position is inside/outside centre plz talk to me if you play rugby too!
Anime is another thing I like; one punch man- bleach- naruto, yea all that Shibang.
Boxing and muay thai aren't exactly good hobbies of mine, however i've done almost six years of muay thai and three of boxing, plus, i'm not even good at either.

My mixtapes are fire.

My steam account is, wiliamhexdan -- also regret this name --
My skype account is, jk gonna have to get to know me first fgt
I only pc because it is the master race after all. Feel free to debate how wrong you are.

Toribash so far
I got like 438 hours and that's excluding before it hit steam and my other accounts( don't worry none of them reached past brown belt)
I've never really been active in forum, didn't have a reason to be active on forum as I usually just played solely for the game.
ABD and aikido are my stomping grounds, always has and always will be {i play a bit of wushu and mushu}. I would love to change my name; lol, I don't know why my name is Pokeman, I fekin hate Pokemon [soz any pokemon fans out there].
I started playing toribash around about 2012-2013 so only a few of my good friends still play, imaSlayaaa is one of them. I miss the old days of toribash where striking in ABD wasn't done in only openers. Please understand that I cannot be on forum or ingame everyday :/ but i guess noone can.

Why Flip
Okay to be honest, I saw the recruitment server and i hoped in. Don't get me wrong I had known Flip before hand, i mean origin had a reputation set up for them pretty much from when I started being active. I know this; Flip is well known, all players have some standard of skill expected of them, kinda comes with the clan tag. Everyone seems so active it's kinda hard not to notice this clan, I feel like if I had the clan tag I would be able to reach everyones expectations, and I am pretty active. Also i know this seems like a weak reason to join but after skimming through forum I wouldn't mind being part of this family ( eww cheesy much :P). My activity on the forum is an easy fix, being part of a clan will give me heaps to talk about and share!

Thankyou for being bothered with me
how bow dah
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Clan: Obey

I give a Yes. Met him today, but it's all up to you Regi.
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Old Dec 1, 2016   #703
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sure why not.

sending an invitation right away
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Clan: GamersOri

Application Form
Real Name: Daigan (not putting my last name)
Age: 13
Belt: Blue belt (used to be brown belt on DurpyBlitz)
Best (Most liked) Mods: Boxshu, xspar, and Aikidobigdojo
How many days in week are you online: Usually Friday through Sunday
People, who send you here: me? (idk wasnt really told by anyone)
People you know in the clan: If in irl: none, if not in irl:none, sry
Previous Clans (Why left?): BattleClan: Full of noobs
Previous Bans (Why?): None
Alts: DurpyBlitz (Forgot Password)

Why you want to join this clan: Because I wanted to be in a clan where people can actually spar, pakour, and have smooth close combat skills like me.
Can do anything for the clan (Videos, Art, etc.): I can do replays for any future clan videos or a new clan trailer.
Read the Rules and will follow them: Obviously, that's a reason why I'm actually applying.
Skype name (Raises chance of getting in): Daigan Theriot
Sorry missed a few questions!
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Hellooo guys
I'm 16 years old and im a 7th dan black belt. I want to join this clan because im interested in parkour tricking. I play alot on realtoriboxing and i used to play alot on ninjutsu but theres not much people on it anymore. Also im good at sparring so if anyones eager hmu. As for parkour and tricking im fairly new to it but due to my background of sparring and ninjutsu i believe i can learn how to do it easily. Im not forum active but that can change if u want me to. As for replays, idont have any parkour replays that i believe are worthy to be shown but here's a sparring replay i made fighting myself.
heres another replay i forgot to include cus i have alot of random replays
oops i didnt read the rules i was meant to have 3 replays ok here u go
Attached Files
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File Type: rpl sevilnatas.rpl (119.6 KB, 1 views)
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shut the fuck up pussy

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