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[OS] Origins recruiting
welcome to the [OS] Origins recruiting thread!
to apply You can submit your application below,
it must include: qi, joindate, why you want to join,
what your plans are as a member,
and how active you are in-game.
Alternatively you can Click here to join our discord and talk to the leaders directly.

Requirements to join:
You must be at least a little bit forum active,
Must be a skilled member in game if you're not forum active.

Must be respectful (no toxicity)
And you must be invloved with the
community/clan We will expect you
to participate in clan events such as
[OS] tourneys, or [OS]Bets, you'll be
expected to post on the clan thread
often, and get the clan name out
there as much as possible,
Every member is allowed to
war and recruit, if you don't follow
the recruiting rules or recruit a lot
of members that don't meet the
requirements, it can lead to termination.
Thank you for stopping by,
and good luck on your application.

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Join Date: i originally joined at around 2016, but i switched accounts because i wanted to change names and i was kinda broke.

Why i want to join: I want to improve together with the clan and i also want to help out in any way possible.

Plans as a member: As said above, i want to improve along with the clan and maybe help out those below me, like, give them tips, help them train.

I'm usually quite active if it is a weekend and i have no plans, but i can be active on weekdays too. I live in Singapore so my timezone might be different than yours.

I'm forum active, usually because i have nothing to do in-game and i'm just randomly browsing the forums. Either that, or, I'll be marketing, updating my art collection. I look forward to improving on my ABD.

I have a high patience level, so i'll usually be calm when i play. Or if someone sees me angry i'm usually 90% of the time just playing around.

I will participate in clan events when i can. But i won't be hosting any events. Well, because
1. i don't know how
2. people rarely join when i try to host any

Hopefully, that is enough information. I look forward to seeing a reply soon! Thank you for reading my application
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