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Camera problem after v4.8
I've been playing tb for almost 10 years but now i can't use toribash versions higher than 4.8 because camera zoom works differently there. In 3.8 zoom in by holding 'w' and zoom out by 's' return camera to starting angle. Now you always need to correct height back with 'shift+w'. So now camera doesn't keep same height while moving with 'w' and 's'. Sounds like not a big deal maybe but in game like this its like irl you need to do a squat after every step.
Wonder why nobody ever mentioned this change, maybe others use something different to move camera. Or maybe there is some way to bring back camera movement like in 4.8?
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This problem hasn't occurred to me because I always use the mouse for camera movement. Maybe that's a workaround for you, too?

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Also happens when you move your camera with the mouse. I believe it's just a change in how the camera works, and everybody has it. I don't think you can turn it off, at least I don't know how.
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As far as I can tell its a disparity between base camera height and height set for camera reset.

I played before this update and honestly if you don't mess around with the '123456' camera or mouse mlcamera its the same as it always was.

If you do press one of the numeric camera changes, simple set it back to base and shift tap w/^key 3 times sharply and it is the same.

The zoom and rotation effect is the same when you get it back to the same elevation.

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