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custom mod not loading in multiplayer
title. no error pops up in chat, nothing in stderr.txt, just loads the previous mod. the mod has also been uploaded to the site if that makes a difference.
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If you just uploaded it when trying, give it a bit, if it's still failing, try restarting your game or waiting a bit longer, if that fails, copy the mod into your main mod folder rather than being in data/mod/modmaker. and try again, it should work, if all else fails, then i don't know what's the problem.

also i would like to note make sure you type the name of the mod exactly as it is on the file, and do not put spaces in the mod name.

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hey there! elite's thing is a little confusing to me, so i thought i'd try to clear it up. download the mod from the mod page located here. my guess is you're trying to download bounceswords2018.tbm, so delete that mod from your mod folder, and download it from the mod page itself. if that doesn't work, contact an admin or pm me, and we'll try to get it sorted out. the mof works for me though
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try /lm modname.tbm
glitches happen alot when you pick from the list
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I also want to add that it takes about 10 to 15 minutes for a mod to load in servers after it is uploaded via
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Vet the mod put it in mod folder and then open toribash and go to mp make a new room and load the mod /set mod the you downloaded. /Set mod modname.tbm
Then it should work in sp to when you load it.
Hope it helps and i got this right.

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