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First of all you have already lost this debate by showing your ineptitude regarding example choices by invoking Goodwins law lol. Second Nazi Germany was losing a war they thought they had a chance at winning and once they knew it was over they went quietly.

Nk will not be like that. Nk already knows it would lose immediately but they can cause countless damages before they do. No preemptive air strike is faster and stealthier than, " ay Bob what's that big thing flying at us for, fuck it push the button gonna mortar Seoul off the face of the earth" people don't need nukes to cause damage. You say they'd unify real quick but there is really no reason that South Korea would want north Korean people at all. They're 50 years behind in tech and most people no longer have blood relations in the opposite Koreas. There is an astounding amount of animosity between the two Koreas already.

Didn't take Japan longer to turn around cuz they thought we had more nukes, again fighting a losing battle after a long war they thought they could win.

More accurate wars you could compare this one to would be Vietnam Iraq and Afghanistan where the opposition knew it was fucked from the get go. Did those end well for America? Arguably not really no. They were long drawn out shit fests where millions died for nothing. You're proposing another one of those kinds of wars friend. But this time with more ruthless and well armed individuals. Vietnam was even a communist regime.... Did our meddling change their mind?

There's a reason there are almost no communist regimes left. It's because they're shit at leading they're people and fear is not as good of a tool at the moment as the other options. We as Americans took down the world super power soviet union with nothing but money. Nk is just another communist regime that will fall thanks to no money.

I admit north Korea could be defeated in less than a month if we are willing to bomb the fuck out of them and kill millions. Personally I think being alive and oppressed is better than not being alive. The way America would do it, if we fought a war with or without wmds would lead to millions more dead than whatever horrors are being committed in North Korea now.

As Americans it's not our job to police the world. North Korea will never be a threat to anyone other than themselves even with nukes. Monetarily suffocating the country is currently our best option. Worked pretty well everywhere else.
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Originally Posted by sirkill1 View Post
First of all you have already lost this debate by showing your ineptitude regarding example choices by invoking Goodwins law lol.

Saying a debate was settled because of an internet meme is a better way to convince people that you're inept at arguing. Invoking Nazi Germany is perfectly fine if there's relevance to the debate topic. In fact, there's a derivation of Godwin's Law that states, inevitably, Godwin's Law will be invoked as a way to deflect actual appropriate discourse.

At least be versed in your meme if you're going to use it as part of your retort.
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If they have nukes, there is very little anyone can do about it. The best course imo would be to calm them down. We cant nuke north korea because that would effect china, and they could nuke the rest of the world ez. Missile defense systems are unreliable aswell. The max distance a missile defense system could cover is about 3 miles.

I don't want to fight someone holding a gernade. Yeah, they aren't "suicidal", but lets not back North Korea into a corner please.
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