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Matchmaking confirm button.
I am very sorry if a similar post has been made, but I couldn't find any other thread suggesting this.
The current matchmaking system seems to force you to fight whenever the opportunity pops up. And this can/did cause some issues. What I recommend is a confirm button that will proceed you to the match that has been found, i do understand that it sounds completely useless and even maybe a hindrance in matchmaking, but i do believe if this can be well thought through it can yield more positive experiences in matchmaking.

My experience with the problem: as moonsick said i've had a few bets forfeited because of the abrupt mm; when you're marketing in-game or just chatting in general it would suddenly drag you into a new room; (more of a laziness problem) but when you have to go afk because anything can happen irl and you lose hard earned ranks for it. All of these problems accure to me because of the long queues and sometimes i'd even forget i was matchmaking.

So if there were a small button that pops up below the default mm window that you had to press within 5-10 sec. Where you could decide if it's worth staying in the current room (being able to chat and say you're going to a matchmade room) or proceeding. And of course there will be a penalty for not accepting, maybe a cooldown for how long the person can't mm, and maybe elo punishment if done too frequently.

Still a rough idea, would love some thoughts.

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Your matchmaking system got paused when you fighting and etc Just annoying when you forget the matchmaking in betservers etc,but same will happening with the confirm button...You gonna forgot to accept the matchmaking.
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Here are the scenarios i think of:
Queueing in matchmaking and going through rooms to chill and talk or even bet/duel/market (if the queue takes long ofc), when there's a match found an accept/reject option shows up with a timer and if you're active in the game the game you'd decide wether to leave the current room right at that moment or not to. And if you're afk queued up and doing other stuff in your browser etc. the toribash icon (idk how to describe it) flashes in the toolbar, just like when it's your turn to fight. And if you notice it good for you, if you don't notice the flashing and maybe even a sound effect (if you have sounds on) then you'd get punished for it by getting a mm cooldown (better than losing elo in my opinion).
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