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If we're being completely serious, I really think Zero, I mean, I don't know if he's ever coming back though, but if he is, he is a great nomination.
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what did zero do?

i swear if i see this same post just one more time

i'll be upset

please don't spam ~P
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what did zero do?

smh ~P

anyways people seem to be posting mostly diamond, jisse, beznick, erth; each have a pretty good reason for becoming a legend

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obviously sassy. he retired!
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without him where would we be
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How about Hamr (aka HebrewHamr), from what I remember the guy did a lot to the community, especially in clan related stuff, one of the highest staff members around back in the day. Would fit the 'Old But Not Forgotten' category imo.

Honorable mentions:

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culapou is a legend and anyone who graced the forums during the 2008-2013 era would remember that they were blessed to have him
Despite being the one of the most prolific, and frequently banned trolls the forum has seen, he managed to become a multi-millionare, one of the greatest modders of all time, a legendary defensive tactition, and a multi-time staff member. From the frequent staff meltdowns as well as full forum power moves he has pulled, let us remember:

Ingame, culapou created countless timeless mods such as greykido and jesuscopter. Not to mention kony2012, as well as the infamous wushu_epeen.tbm. A mod which angered the forum hipsters so much he was banned for a week. TheGod's skillful mastery of the .tbm language as well as his cunning ability to leave his political adversaries dumbfounded was only the beginning of his legend. The God Team trio of Smilies2, ClockworkMonkey, and Culapou drew the bold line beginning the post MrPoptart Era. Soon the God Team had an almost monopolistic supply of official tournament mods. For years the GodTeam succesfully sold their elite mods for upwards of 50k a piece, frequently pushing the envelope with what they could get away with. Unfortunately now that culapou's ultimate modding tutorials have been deleted from the forum it is widely believed that the God Team Era of modding will never be reached again.
From this alone most would agree this man, ought to be a Legend, but there's more.

In the largest tournament in Toribash history, a $1000 1-day aikido tournament, in which all of the top legends of the game such as NutHug, Hampa and siku were attending, he managed to place 4th out of a field of hundreds, strictly by shoveling, every, single, match. The match would begin, his arms would lower, and time and time again TheGod manged to lift his assblasted and swollen opponent out of the ring. In an era which the shovel was considered a disrespectful noob strategy, TheGod had managed to shovel his way in to the finals of the most viewed tournament in history. The fury which arose from his countless opponents was almost too much for the community to handle and his revelation into the true nature of Aikido could no longer be denied. From his simple defiance of a silly hipster tradition he revolutionalized the game, again.

This was after TheGod had of course already revolutionized the game in contemporary no grab mods. His defensive style so dominant in Ninjutsu that moderators were forced to remove it from the server queue. TheGod was consistently reported for "farming" while holding a MANY streak in one of these rooms. TheGod pioneered a minimalist and defensive playstyle in an era which relax all was an almost totalitarian norm, his famous wushu opener was an insight into the future and is still practiced and modified by players today. TheGod's dominance made him an ideological rival with the relax all and specifically the fl0w movement, who believed wushu was not to be played competitively, but rather a happy gentleman's dance. TheGod's constant emasculation of the fl0w movement lead to his banishment multiple times. Most famously, upon the release of his Wushu_EPeen mod, a phallic caricature of modern wushu, he was banned by a salty wushuteam supermod only for it to be overturned in a day by SkulFuk, a higher ranking admin. The God Team had won again.

Keep in mind, this conquest had occured only after he and God Team had successfully outsmarted the entirety of the forum and won 1,000,000 tc in The Game

And only after culapou had done his service as a leader of the Promo-Team, the event promotion team at the height of Toribash's activity.

And only after culapou had outted frauds in his Tori Investigation Series.

The hard fact to face is that there is no way to deny that I am a legend, perhaps the most infamous of all.

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let it be known that it is a true blessing to read the words of culapou. culapou is both an iconoclast and an icon. the tactician, the provocateur, the genius, The God.
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