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Originally Posted by azzeffir23 View Post
Didn't want to offend anyone by saying that most of his community is under aged, don't get me wrong, a lot of teens are very mature for their age, but the majority isn't. There is a video with the reactions of the so called ''logang4life'' fans, who are like idk 8-12? Their response was just bad and that's why kids won't understand the problem.

That's actually true but it's not really their fault, most of the time it's because they love the YouTuber too much so they don't really care about the bad things he do,
A simple example :
Messi had a lot of problems, because he was sending money illegally that's actually a bad things but he didin't really lost his fans.
That's almost the same thing but it's true that sending money illegally is like "nothing" or less crazy than what Logan did, for us ofc, because if they had to get judged for it Logan would probably just get maybe a fine that he will have to pay and Messi will have bigger problems, but when you see someone laughing and filming someone who just killed himself I guess it shocked us more than someone who smuggled money. And it's true that they are young too so they can't realize what a YouTuber that they follow since a lot of time did.
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On the video, after they went out of the forest, some little girls were talking to Logan (I think they're his fans). This is basically an example of what his fan base consists of. Now imagine how those girls will react to that.
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I don't think that most of his fans will understand because like Jake, Logan's fans are basically just a bunch of swooning 13 year olds who can't grasp the concept of this whole situation. At a few points in the video, he mentions that suicide isn't a joke, yet he posted the video to YouTube for EVERYONE to see. At least they had the decency to blur the guys face, but the guy probably didn't want to be remembered in the first place. People who commit suicide aren't asking to be filmed, they just want to be forgotten and let be so they can be at peace with themselves. I think Logan did this whole thing to be spooky and all that and to be honest I feel like he did this just to be trendy. I don't know why he thought camping there would be such a good idea, and it is true that he obviously wouldn't know what to expect. It's estimated that two people commit suicide in the forest every week, so it's possible for anyone who visits there to see a dead body.
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none of you mentioned it's illegal to film dead bodies out of respect for the person killed themselves and their family.

He was also being a total chav through Japan before that.

EDIT: Illegal to film dead bodies in Japan.
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disrespectful and disgusting, period, luckily youtube is starting to do something about it.
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I've seen bits and pieces of the video I don't follow Logan and his brother, But yes I saw where he saw the body from afar. Can someone tell me if he got close and actually memed on the guy. People were saying he was laughing about the whole thing, I only saw him in disbelief, someone tell me otherwise.

Everyone makes mistakes the amount of hate this guy is receiving is ridiculous. Yes its removed move on.
He said his apology it was genuine no BS. Again only what I saw please tell me if he memed him.
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its ~the seventh time hes done something like this. youtube has been giving him too much succ for being a shitforbrains
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Seriously, they are both retarded in my opinion.
I don’t like either of them
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