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come for the memes
stay for creati0n...
and woeb i guess..............

and dylan

what about me? ~bandsy

and bands too i guess
tsu tsu cuckoo

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where the fuck is internet?

honestly, the only people who keep me around is reta, ocean and the people in my sig....and haku....and my clan.....and making replays but not posting them

fuck everyone else
<siku> fuck you
mused||my replays|shiro
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replay making lmao
all of the time i've been playing toribash i actually just cared about looking good
god i wish i knew how to actually get into the tb community everyone talks about >:
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Shiiiieeet, same here Luigi man.

[EDIT]: I like coming back to the game from old fond memories. People are fun to talk to, the banter in betting servers are fun. Playing shittily against a pro on purpose to make people laugh makes me feel good. Losing TC is a pain in the ass since I'm abrokebitch.tbm. But overall, just really chill community, everyone was a newfaeg at one point.
thehorde23 HAS NO TC. FUCK OFF.

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i'm here for the high quality toxicity.
and the servers chat can get hilarious sometimes.
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because i hate myself


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First gaming community that I was ingrained in so I feel an odd obligation to the game and community.
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