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Originally Posted by Icky View Post
Being rich is about having money to blow on whatever 20 min fad is around and then not caring or regretting the expenditure once the fad is over. So really 250k+ is more or less rich enough in my head.

I agree with this, simply because the value of tc fluctuates.

Random old reference.

Originally Posted by dentian View Post
Hi, I am not sure where this goes but ill post it here.

I am selling my account in toribash i have 200k

Your Qi: 17187

how much dollars can i sell it for?

Originally Posted by killer20 View Post
hmm the tc is worth about $200 alone

gl with this

Wanna see some ruffled feathers in Taekkyon

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500k+ is what i consider rich
but that's just me
for small players like what i used to be i considered 10k to be a blessing
but since then tc dropped so hard
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Wealth does not make one rich. Holy morals and virginity make one rich.
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Being rich is simply a state of mind. Achieved by having an old schooler beard.
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>if you have money for rent this month i consider you rich

fuck that, if you have upwards of 250k, and you dont gamble the fact of you not gambling doesnt make you more rich or not, its irrelevant - k so lets scrap that shit.

if you play toribash and you have hands then i expect you to use them.
and if you have hands, and time to play the game then 250k, 250,000 is not rich if some things cost 30,000 thats 8 things, not the store.

if you have 100$ worth of our little crypto currency thats not rich still guys.
mostly because your proquired it for your money (poker chips)

If you really wanted to be rich in game we would need to figure out the TC/$ Ratio
2500/1 is the best possible rate 1000/1 being the worst. so we do easy math, lets just take away the 0's from both sides. 5$ = 0.5% gain because the total is (5)000 tc, next 10$ = 1.2% increase or 12,000 - etc etc.
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I've had the mispleasure of coming across most of your 17 posts and they have all been undecipherable garbage, Caash.

Anyway, there was an old Evil member called Lucien who supposedly blew a few grand on Toribash back in the day without caring about losing anything.
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for me rich is at 10 000 tc
My record of tc : 9 000
if you have 500k done all at me
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Tc wise I would say around 3 million TC is about rich standards imo
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how much tc is considered rich ? well when you spend so much real money on this game that you implement women toris which sniff coke off your cock just in a replay then you are probably leading the programmers of the game with your money, a big movement which you did just lead.
in my opinion this question is silly and everybody would tell you something different about being rich
TC boosters be like
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Originally Posted by MrSofty View Post
Even you win 10tc per match and keep doing it, and you get 50k, I'll consider you rich. You play tournies, get 100k, i'll consider you rich. You have 20k to buy something, I'll consider you rich..
If you consider yourself a rich person, you're rich!
Don't compare yourself to others

Wow, this is true boi :O

Hard work surpasses natural talent.
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