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i wanna see an updated list, to see where Vin is at xD

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Hey, I'm Top 20

Somewhat rich I guess.

Rich is for me if you don't have to worry about items and can buy almost everything you want without regreting it or being broken after that
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Rich is such a relative term.It´s all relative to how much money a person is use to. For me, because I have full 512, pure force, demon relax, a nice set to match it, and usually have around 250k. For me, 1mil + is rich. However, for new players, they usually think 10k is rich.
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Some of the richest people on this game buy and resell their tc and so won't have any tc half the time, as long as you have everything you need and the means to buy anything you may need if something comes up in the future, then you are rich enough.
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being 'rich' in this game is meaningless. to me all you need is full 512, a dope set, and enough tc to buy anything else you'd need to fit your set

or have 70$ and you can buy literally anything lol
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lets see.
most players have around 20k-200k.
so 200k-400k is a little rich
500k and above is rich.
atleast imo
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