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Originally Posted by iHang View Post
Well the thing is, bloods replace g's with B's or replace C's with B's in a lot of language they use, just like gangster Disciples replace B's with 6's because they rep the number 6 for a 6 point star, while bloods rep the 5 point star, so if a gd says back at it, he would type 6ack at it, they also replace g's with 6's. Like ni66a. Which is why bloods down here say nibba, is kind of a diss towards gd's.
Also a lot of these slangs came from other states or places but are used a lot in my area, some of them did start in my area though, like "tighten up jit" came from Florida, which is what you tell a young person when they're being stupid.

I mean if they're rivals then I guess, out here they mostly replace c's with b's or the c sound such as like kick.

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Some cockney rhyming slang is always fun.
Apples and pears - Staircase
Butchers Hook - Look
Adam and Eve - Believe
Brown Bread - Dead
Dog and Bone - Phone
Loaf - Head (because loaf of bread, using your loaf etc.)
Sausage Roll - A polish person, because it rhymes with Pole I guess?
Tea Leaf - Thief

Those are the only ones I know cos my dad's a cockney

He also says "flash away" when he wants me to go do something quickly, quick as a flash, but I dunno if that's a common one or not
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you get it then, you probably dont have many GD's where youre from, here the main 3 gangs are crips, bloods, and gangster disciples, the crips and gd's are allies so they both are rivaled with bloods, so they both replace b's with g's or c's. but yeah im gonna keep adding to my list as i remember more, i know so much slang but cant remember any right now.
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Strap - Gun
I'm hot - I'm angry/mad
heat - gun also
flame - i guess it's equivalent to fire or you finna get yo shit roasted lmao
on the dead homies - like dead ass b or what ever
on my momma - ^
oh word? - oh for real?
run my fade - fight right now
buster - a phony person
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We have weird slang but I'll post one because most of them are dumb af

Hokage refers to a perverted man who tries everything to get a woman. He makes “chancing” (ninja moves) on the woman.

dont search "Galawang Hokage" on youtube please
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Michigan slang, they prolly say this shit in pther places too but whatever

Bdubs = buffalo wild wings
Yoopers = people that live in the upper peninsula
Trolls = people that live in the lower peninsula, cuz they live under the bridge
Goon = fuckin goofball bro
Downtown = detroit city
Up north = traveling anywhere going north
Pop = caffeinated drink (dont try to call it soda, my fuckin brother says it and it pisses everyone off)
Bud = weed
Chronic = weed
Snappin a bowl = smoking an entire bowl in one hit
Brew = beer
Fuck = fuck
Steel = gun
Full tilt = beyond pissed
Pissed = annoyed as fuck
Copped = stealing stuff
Slammed = piss drunk
Hammered = piss drunk
Throttled = piss drunk
Blazed = stoned
Twitching = fiending for something

And people from michigan mispronounce a buncha shit too

Didja eat? Did you eat
Secretariah state = secretary of state
Meer = mirror
Cloze = clothes
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Kinda like what iHang is sayin out here in Chicago we got a lot of bds and gds and theyll usually switch up letters to diss they rivals and in Chicago they call they enemies opps and they diss they opps dead homies by saying they smokin em like a joint or blunt so like "I got teezy in my swisher" kinda get the idea i hope lmao
Oh and almost forgot gangs will put a k behind they opps name so like "bdk" means black disciples killer

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Some Scottish stuff.
(cbf to sort alphabetically)

Slang words

Slang phrases

I put them in spoilers because there's quite a few there.

Also, most of these have kind of been covered already, but I thought it was worth posting these anyway.

NOTE: These are off memory, I am not 100% all of this is correct.

All I can be bothered doing right now, I'll edit this post with more tomorrow.
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Bundle = Idiot
Context: You fucking bundle.
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type beat - a typa shoe
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