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To be honest with ya all the forum is like the only thing that still keeps me in this community and also maybe the new game Toribash Next which i'm really looking forward to.
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the path to be better than snake at aikido
you know how fucking boring it is to suplex every match
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Originally Posted by Bodhisattva View Post
There are some people like Suomynona, skulfuk, Reta, Icky, arctic, creati0n, fear, moop, blueevil, odlov, imapirate, wizard, cocacobra, tyzi, etc who I care deeply about. I want to keep up with them and see them succeed.

This game also mattered to me a great deal, helped and sometimes hurt my mental health depending on the year. Big part of who I am. Hard to walk away from that sort of stuff.

feelsbad that i was left out

Mostly just clan mates, and a few other ppl that I talk to and stuff.
Occasional marketing too for a few bucks doesn't hurt.
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Originally Posted by Alejandro View Post
I've been here since when the forums looked like this.

I have no place outside.

Thanks for the link reminding me how long I've been babysitting this place -_-

Nearly 10 years invested here (9 1/2 as staff), kinda difficult to walk away from something when it's had a lot of time put into it.


Same's probably true for suo, if you ignore hampa (insert joke here) he's the only person who's been staff longer than me that's still here.

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Toribash is like an ex with a nice body, i promise to not come back but i do every time.
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the community like 99% of ppl would say
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With a fun game like Toribash, there's no reason for me to leave!
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Was a big part of me growing up, have some decent friends and I come back to see what they're up to
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I want to try ranked but im only a green belt. Also guys in inq and friends
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probably the copious amounts of events that the game keepers host daily
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