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Old May 15, 2011   #21
Metal Gear Yandere Belt
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Clan: fl0w

thats what will can do ;p
tell me about aikido
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Old Jun 18, 2011   #22
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didnt notice this thread D: works going on? ;o

btw i cant tell about techniques.. i dont know how to say. Talking is for clever, not for me :]
only one thing - wushu is close to fun mod (dont throw tomatoes and eggs at me xP) so, lets play more funny than for win? Good style, nice moves.. averybody can do it =) cause in sp or spar or any other mods u try to look cewl, so, why u shouldnt in wushu?

phew.. even if work on book is stopped, i have told everything that wanted xP

and yeah, sorry for my grammar - exams killed my brain, so i cant think correctly :3

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Old Jun 18, 2011   #23
Metal Gear Yandere Belt
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Clan: fl0w

np ;p and this isnt abandoned yet ;p
tell me about aikido
~referencing Dark Souls in suicidal threads since 13/01/15
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Old Jul 6, 2011   #24
Who Stole My Belt
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Reset fighting =)
Click image for larger version

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I am no good at art or anything to that extend, but I have a picture of a common position that most players get themselves into while trying to make a comeback. The orange tori has both shoulders contracted, both arms extended and well you can see. There are several ways of getting out, but will it lead to a good comeback...or shoot off target. This is where Reset fighting comes into play.
#1 hold all (result of "C" button)
#2 relax both shoulder joints (result of "X" button)
#3 relax left peck, elbow, and wrist joints
#4 rotate chest
#5 ?....somethings u gotta learn on ur own =)
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Old Jul 7, 2011   #25
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Even tho my style is weird compared to eveyone else here im getting better really fast. Here's my advice on wushu.

Picture everything you see in your mind. See every move in your head and then apply that to your tori. Keep in mind that the tori is somewhat limited and work from there.

Read your opponent. If you dont develop the ability to predict him/her blocking and dodging becomes pretty much impossible. Use your hands, elbows, and knees for they absorb damage the best. And if that doesnt work attempt to move in the same direction as the attacks trejectary. This will also help absorb damge.

The way you battle is up to you. Loose or stiff. Im a stiff fighter and while it may not look pretty sometimes(although i think it looks fine most of the time) it gets results. Usually more power. But it is necessary to go loose once in a while to position yourself for better defense or attacks.

Developing your style and your own moves take time. Practice with uke or with a friend and you'll gradually get better.

{Blackychan's Wushu Way}
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Old Jul 8, 2011   #26
7th Dan Black Belt
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Plan, Predict, Observe, Adapt, and Perform with Precision/power, I've been working on a Wushu guide, I'll post that when it is done.

Plan your move.
Predict your opponent's move.
Observe what your opponent can do.
Adapt to what your opponent does.
Perform your adaptation with both Precision and Power.
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Old Jul 9, 2011   #27
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Resting from training i thought to check some stuff and ended up here. I can't help myself from saying that only very few plays wushu descent in this clan. If you can't stay with that truth, do a clan versus me duel when i will come back from training and prove i am wrong. Heh, be as defensive as you want then, i will still destroy you.
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Old Jul 9, 2011   #28
Mr. Montenegro
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Clan: fl0w

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Old Jul 9, 2011   #29
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Woot, nice thread guys. I hope you don't mind me looking at some feedback from a good wushu-clan like [fl0w]. I need to get #1 in wushu =P
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Old Jul 9, 2011   #30
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Clan: fl0w

madreckless, you're so cocky.
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