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Flame Forge Uke Preview
Hey guys, i wanna make this real quick,
so me as a forger i like to forge flames with velocity and gravity.
However in order to forge the perfect kind of flame it is sometimes a guess n forge and tc gets sunk realy quick with not being able to see how it looks on ukes position.
If there is already a way to do so please tell me i could not find any yet.
If not, i would suggest the Flame Forge Menu to add a little button to preview it from Uke's side. It would help to make flame forging easier!
thank you, i hope you guys consider this idea!
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a lot of beginners fail while trying to forge flames cause they forgot that some options make the flame doesn't work in uke side
i support the idea
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I already requested (and it is probably in development) to have a option to imitate Tori's physics when it comes to Gravity (speed can be inverted already) on Uke.
There is no real sense on making them different. Physics are almost the same on both sides.

If you want to preview one or multiple flames in uke's side, open uke's custom folder and replace in the "FLAME 0;" field all those zeros with the numbers from the ingame flameforger in a consecutive order, separated by a space. Once you do it, save it and type /lp 1 uke.

My personal suggestion is creating a custom folder copying uke's or tori's one, so you can actually save somehow your designs (call those custom folders as "Flame1" or whatever, and then /lp 0 flame1).

If you want I could give you a preview of the whole process when I get home, with screenshots and stuff.

This way you can preview one or multiple flames which are not forged yet.
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