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Old Apr 21, 2013   #1
In coder land
Toribash 4.4 beta3 (OSX, Win)
New Features:
- Replay speed (control with ,.)
- Fixed pausing replay and pressing replay to play properly at the speed previously set
- Added blood removal in reverse replay option
- Added vertical scroll bar to options menu when game height is below options height
- Added loading replay can change replay speed immediately
- Added caching blood particle, blood stain, hair
- Removed replay speed from hair step

New options:
- added flag option
- new hair styles

- Fixed unicode endian on osx
- Fixed playing of sound in replay cache
- Fixed limb color injury in replay cache
- Fixed minimum resolution when setting with resolution option command
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Yay hampa listened to me

I asked him to make the next Toribash Beta for mac too because us mac users are sad.
But guess what

I praise le mighty hampa

Anway, downloading shortly

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this is a great update, except whenever i try to open a replay it freezes for several seconds and either loads it or crashes. you should fix that.
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That's probably your own computer. Mines fine.
Only problem I've seen is when editing a replay if I replay it to the point I want to edit it at, and press e, the joints are different from what they should be, and the replay glitches out and doesn't play properly until I restart the client.
Other then that it's great.
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Old Apr 21, 2013   #5
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Bug reports:

-If you open a replay directly from the "replay" folder and not from ingame, the replay speed option doesn't work until all the replay runs through one time.

-If the replay is opened from the "replay" folder, this problem doesn't occur:
Originally Posted by boStaff View Post
this is a great update, except whenever i try to open a replay it freezes for several seconds and either loads it or crashes. you should fix that.

Otherwise, when I open a replay from the menu, it happens to me as well.

-Every replay crashes the game after 4095 frames have elapsed.

-This problem persists:
Originally Posted by Oblivion View Post
I've also noted that [...] if you press R, stop at the initial frame, and then press Shift+P to advance a single frame - it bugs.

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Old Apr 22, 2013   #6
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Wow... its a lot faster for me... less lag... and the replay stuff is just amazing...

I love it
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Old Apr 26, 2013   #7
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Sometimes when using the replay speed modifier, the counter goes to 0.11x then advances by 10 up to 1.01x which is surprisingly a lot faster than 1.00x
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I like this version, I can run shaders with full graphics and still get 56 fps

I went down to 15 on 4.3

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