Tori-Santa 2019
Date: 26/11/2019

Name: Tiger

Referral Person: Convict

General Information and Introduction

'ello, i'm Tiger, I've been apart of this community since 2012.
Mkay, I'll stop copying the example section by section ;)
Get READY For Your Eyes To Burn
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I'm an 18 year old from Australia GMT (+10:30), the land "DowWN Unda". Been playing Toribash on and off since 2012, which means I was around 3 when I started.
My life currently is pretty alright, just graduated from school, have the ability to use a knife and fork and have never been charged by the police.

For the future, I'd like to apply for the police force, ultimately working my way through to "Homicide Detective". I initially had a dream of becoming a Zoologist,
feeding very small chimps, to other small chimps, however, some violence erupted in my family, and it led me to the decision I am at today.

While I hope to be bilingual one day, it's very far away. I'm currently studying Japanese, had a tutor for 8 months and then began taking it on myself.
While I could have used Duolingo, I don't wanna sell my soul away to that damned bird.

Apart from all that, I love to play games, read, write, talk, eat, live. I'm also looking forward to "Toribash Next" which has not yet been given an official release date.
I used to be a freak at ABD, however, those times have most certainly changed. I'd happily get back into the game, and train with people, etc. I promise, I'm not complete garbage. Favorite mods are ABD/Aikido/Judo/Mushu
(Side note, can someone teach me how to spar? a couple years ago I was okay, now I look like I dipped my foot in hot oil)


TBMC (Toribash Marine Corp)
I had a lot of fun with this clan, they were the first to really recognize me. The first clan I'd ever had a bond with, I remember just joining, being a last resort for a war and pulling the most filthy victories ever, I was immediately promoted to "Over Lord" Which was just below Co-Leader.
However, the clan wasn't brought on too well due to the leader "DeakManiac" I won't go into details, but if you remember the guy, you know what's up. (Personally never had a problem with him.)

MONK (The Monastery)
I remember seeing Monks YouTube clan video and thinking "I need to be a part of this clan", well, I applied and got accepted. I was genuinely excited,
I learnt a lot from that clan and I will be forever thankful to them. I'm unsure of what occurred that made it all come crashing down.
I think I may have even claimed to be Buddhist at the time
which I certainly was not.

FC (Fight Club)
Fight Club was number 1...
I wanted to be part of this number 1.
Pretty pathetic reason, really.

Envy (Old Envy, Not The One That Randomly Appeared Called "EnvyUs")
I took a long break from Envy after joining a few months in, I logged back in. Envy was dead, but I still had the clan tag. The first server I joined, A player asked "Is Envy back??" Almost like he was excited,
I simply told him I was an old member and went on with my day. I don't remember much of Envy, but dang, I remember it being good.

Apex (Older one)
One thing that stuck out about Apex is that it was No.1 at the time, I didn't pay much attention to the numbers back then, I didn't even know a ranking system was in place.
The leader had a stupidly long name, it was around 20+ characters. When I was in the clan I was playing in a public aikido server and a player joined and said exactly this
"Wow, an Apex member... I've always wanted to see one of them in action"
That stuck with me, being one of the younger members at the time, I was probably flustered.

py (Pyramid)
This was my most recent clan, it seemed like a real chilled out clan, could have a laugh but still be a good clan,
in the way of game play, etc. I also really liked the name/logo, simple and easy.

There was certainly more and I hate to say it,
but I don't remember them.

Highly inactive recently, however, would love to train up
for Toribash Next so I'm somewhat ready for the drop. (In-game)

Forum activity is kind of the same, but I've gotten more comfortable with them now, so I'm eager to type away.

Why do I wanna Join?
A team is what I need when getting back into Toribash,
especially since I was asked If I wanted to join before hand, it just boosts my motivation that little bit more.
"Let's Start A Revolution" is a beautiful line too, unless you're the one being attacked ;)
I hope I can really help out this clan and I hope you guys
can help me out too.

I have no replays due to re downloading the game on steam and not saving any of them, sorry

Random things about Toribash and Me
I've changed my username.

I remember when the player "Clow" was in a server for years.

I didn't even know the player "Ocean" but when I read about what happened and where his usernames lays within "SUPERIOR BIRD CLAN", I cried.

I had a 1 month infraction back in 2013, it was due to "stealing" which was later proven to be false anyway.
(I didn't steal)

And last, I simply love the community
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my application,
hope to be in-touch with you shortly.
DISCORD: Nclusive#2623
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My Application
Applicant: Aurarian
Time zone: UTC + 0 ( GMT )
DOB: 21/09/2004


Something About me You Probably Don't know

I am Matty, A member of the toribash community since 2015. I Started my early months in the community as a humble spar player and focused more on the single player side of the game. I did many tricks and spars and tried a bit of Uke Bashing ( wasn't very good at it ). I was playing spar and trying to parkour up until late 2016. Where I had built the confidence to properly spar with another player who wasn't (me) and It felt really great however I craved something more, something more breathtaking. Then I found it.... ( don't laugh just yet ) JUDO! It was to me the most provocative yet rewarding mod in the game to me. I wanted to pursue being the best at Judo and since I am ambitious ( well at least i think so ) I spent the next few months playing judo and went through a phase of trial and error........ After playing a few months of Judo I was lucky enough to bump into FullPizza, who at the time was a member of [Satire], he admired my judo skills and my pride and asked if I wanted to join the clan. Initially i was like...
and jumped three times out of excitement of this heavenly offer. Of course I was later kicked from [Satire] for being "too bad" as at the time is was more of a competitive clan. 'No worries' right? Its all cool, who even needs a toribash clan lol i can easily get a new one... of course what you would assume for me to say however i was more like....

I remember viciously punching my room door and kicking everything that was in my way. I instantly blazed into discord and told the leader of the clan BloodRec that i would one day be better than everyone in [Satire] and that him kicking me was his biggest mistake.

Past Clans! ( That are significant )

I am ranking best to worst
** Banned All of Dillon's Clan as they don't count as clans**

(vo) Volt

I mean.... what can i say? I met convict there and fell in love with him as a person and we even shared our first kiss... I actually met really nice friends and supportive people who helped me skill wise and to mature a bit. Most of my friends who I have known since (vo) are still on and I love them such as...

Chax,Convict, Core and more


Hands down biggest rollercoaster of emotions as I was in a phase where i was an reputation addict and cared nothing else but being the BEST at a certain mod, abd, which made me even more immature. I met many friends who are duelers and broadened my view on Toribash and learn't I am far from the best. Some people to name from desolate have got to be Swaves, Smurf, Felnin, Max/Bird, Dragon, Manitoda, Lucky and a few more..

[L] Liquor

Lovely experience got to be with very mature people which made me learn to think less about dueling and other stuff. Met some cool peeps and had an all around nice time. I love you Frost if you are somehow reading this I am sorry for leaving <3


Although Spark has become a meme in recent times during the early days it was merging with [Tank] which made the clan feel like home as i was once reunited with Convict and Chax ( been in every clan i've been in wtf go away creep ♥)

There a many other clans I Have been in such as clan lead by Hikou and others however I have forgotten their names <3

Why I want to Join :
  • My son Envol/Sacra/Eli is in [REV] and I talk to him everyday since i love him (your not adopted i promise )
  • Convict Is a great leader and Mafia is also awesome
  • I was actually in [REV] when it was used to be known as (Tank) and was one of the first 4 or 5 members when convict made the clan. I think it would awesome if i could be allowed back
  • As I said earlier it would be a shame before Toribash dies for me not to die in the same clan as chax... He has been in every single clan I have been in except [Satire]
  • This clan is going big and I think [w] pssst sucks.... [REV] CL 2034
  • Totally wanna be a part of the daily random talks and memes ( activity )
  • How cool does it look [REV]Matty ?? * VERY *

Youtube Videos :

My Accounts : matt2143 obito10 t7bank goodbye21

7:20 wEfNzBNYs&index=2

[Rev] Staff only

Hey... i said Staff only shoo!

I am currently Permanently banned for Rank farming and multiple scams. My main account is Matty and has been banned for about 2 years or over a year now. I don't want this to be hidden and it shouldn't be I've done some stupid stuff for attention when I was like 12 and now I punch myself (or just get my neighbors dog to). I have done these stuff but since i'm human i cannot say I've done all these stuff out of spite for anyone but because I was purely ignorant and childish.
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