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I find it rather odd than only one teacher gets compensated for their efforts in helping the community, whilst the others seemingly get nothing if I'm interpreting this correctly.

I feel as though all teachers' contributions to the community should be rewarded by the amount of quality time they spend working with a student; not whoever spends the most time teaching.

Additionally, may I ask why this program has been implemented? Has there been difficulty getting enough people willing to teach newer players and that's why this system has been introduced?

Anyways, hopefully people's hearts are in the right place with this system and they decide to tutor new players because they want to help them improve rather than just quickly running through rehearsed classes just to get a toricredit reward as payment.
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Dont worry we are trying to maintain a good balance between it all. All the teachers will earn based on their own contribution which the points will measure. We also have our ways to keep it all fair and make sure everyone gets the credit they deserve. Review will be pretty important and word travels fast so we are always keeping an eye out for those that would try to loopholed the system. It’s always depreciated and we hope everyone is willing to respect our gift of the incentives program. However if worst comes to worse we have plenty of safeguards and methods of prevention.
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