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Has Toribash affected your real life in any way?
Been wondering, has anyone else found or developed any skills, friendships, etc. on Toribash?

Personally, I learned great deal about marketing here and Toribash was a starting point for me. Currently I'm dealing with sales on ebay and Amazon, which help me earn some money on the side while studying. If it were not for Toribash, I don't think I'd ever feel confident enough to deal with such transactions. I also made quite a few good friendships that last up to this day, but never got to meet anyone IRL so far.
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It brutally murdered my sleeping schedule for a while.

Other than that though I've meet a few good friends of mine currently off toribash.
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i actually got into digital art because of toribash :>
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back in 2013 i really liked toribash but i was 9 years old and i couldn't really speak english, and a lot of the people in toribash talked to me and shit and that improved my english a lot and i think of toribash as the reason why i learned english
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Toribash helps me deal with sadness and other stuff
It is a way of escaping from reality for a bit
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leaving toribash for a while helped me accomplish a lot more in my life tbh
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1. toribash has helping me improved my england lenguage
2. it also made me more social on the internet, got lots of friends now, not only friends from toribash. Toribash basically introduced me to discord so ye.
3. made me feel better about myself cuz i got really good at toriboxing and a bit famous from concon's montages.
4. helped me go through some of my darkest years of my life for some reason lol.
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its good for passing time when i dont wanna think of anything else

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made some sick friends, me and Pure are great friends on different social media's, me and counter are the same, we known each other for years upon years and we both live in England - what a lad.

I've learned loads though, marketing, a fuck ton about politics, the world and people in general which is always nice

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toribash gave me a gambling addiction
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