Tori-Santa 2019
im still mesmerized by your style, you just have so much power in every single trick

and that cork man, wtf is with that immense jump and spin

You're actually insane m8.

there's not anything i can notice wrong here. MAYBE besides the weird landing after the cheat twist, but the spin after makes up for it
as everybody else said, you're fucking insane at this, keep doing what you do best, i wanna see you do a full 1000 frame tricking combo replay please k thanks.
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new replay, thanks for C's and C's my people! Keep em coming.
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snowblind.rpl (382.3 KB, 11 views)
epoch#4209 - replays
Feels kinda rushed tbh. Still nice movements and everything, but it just doesn't shock me as much as I feel like it could.

short and sweat though.
the tucks in general felt pretty weird and the 1st and last launch looked weak but still beat me to that it tho, i had a wip with an opener similar to yours
thanks for the cnc! the tuck's were pretty bad especially the second one. Here's a new(ish) replay. everything except for the last two tricks is months old but i like them so here you go!
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metamorphisis.rpl (538.3 KB, 12 views)
epoch#4209 - replays