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Email messed up...
Hello everybody!

i've been playing toribash for some time, but this is my first time posting a thread, so please excuse if i'm not doing it right.

after duelling today and awaiting 40k tc due to a close win(my last played match)i discovered that my account has never been activated, since i messed up my email adress... i changed it to the correct one now, and activated my account.

So my question is, if there is a way to trace back transactions that might have failed due to this mistake, and either find a way to actually receive them, or at least give them back tontheir previous owners.

its a shame i just discovered this now, but since i was able to play and even purchase from the store i just didnt think there was a problem.

thanks for your help in advance,
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I don't know about failed transactions, but you can see your account history here
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Whether or not you can receive items or TC is not actually dependent on if your account is activated. Please check the transaction history of the person you were dueling to see if the TC went anywhere, and also the Scam Reports rules to make sure you know how to duel safely and responsibly. If you have the appropriate evidence that the duel took place (as outlined in the Scam Reports rules), we can ensure that the winnings are distributed appropriately.
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thanks for the support! been scammed i guess, but have no proof. guess i have to be more careful... just didn't even think about it.

anyway, thanks again!
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