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Taekkyon from a birds eye view. (A little birdie taught me this)
Its a Science

"Tk sucks"? "snap kick...?"?. It can become fairly easy to counter a 'snap kick'of varying levels of skill by means of DM'ing the opponents offensive leg, or arm joints.
This is not a be all end all to snap kicks, yet. There are many kinds of 'snap kicks', but I prefer to refer to them as 2 turn kicks as they come in many shapes and forms.

A huge aspect of Taekkyon.tbm and Erthtkv2.tbm is the ability to perform quick, precise, and with practice powerful DM gamplay. This creates some of the greatest contests of a tori's sheer will to prevail through high hell.

As it is this is SP theorycrafting, but I will continue to update wih more MP breakdowns and SP theory craft for Taekkyon.

Link to my MP thread;

Break down of replays so far:
1. SP Snap Counter Example.
2. SP Snap Counter Example.
3. SP Snap Counter Example.
4. SP Snap Counter Example.
5. SP Snap Counter Example.

SP Snap Counter Example.

Turn 1. (You) Starting from a relax all position; rotate your chest left, while contracting and in turn extending your pecs to build momentum.
You will also want to contract both glutes, and bend that lumbar left. Extend both elbows and contract wrist, also building more momentum . We'll finish with a gripped right hand(also slightly helps with momentum)
Turn 1. (Them - Uke) Standard 'snap kick' of choice for many players. Starting from a hold all; Rotate chest left, contract right pec, extend left pec. Extend both legs, contract left knee, contract left hip, extend right hip.

Turn 2. (You) Lower right shoulder, and left shoulder to initiate the DM. Relax right elbow to protect it from force diffued after leg to hand impact.

Remember to try and keep wrists relaxed while attempting to land a grab DM. (grab hand to ball joint).
Extend both hips keeping everything below your hips relaxed to prevent DM from snap, as much as you possibly can. Contract your abs and right flex that lumbar to take the knee clean.

Turn 2. (Them - Uke) Extend knee.

SP Snap Counter Example2.
Content to be added...

SP Snap Counter Example3.
Content to be added...

SP Snap Counter Example4.
Content to be added...

Sp Snap Counter Example5.
Content to be added...
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