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Sticky blood
That the blood would stick to the Tori's as well as the floor, to make the game seem more realistic. (Even though it would make the game much more gory)
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I think this would kind hard for the developers to do, and not much visual reward for the effort unless it's really good. Even if they got it, im pretty sure 90% of computers counldnt run it well.
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well by what i read the wii had it and we all know a pc can be more performing than a wii. they could put it in option anyway for the ''potatoe pc''
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might make joints hard to see
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it's 2017 now people

Toribash Wii is dead.

Most computers can run shaders now

Make blood be able to stick to toris like it does to the floor already

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Run off the body maybe, but blood sticking to you doesn't make the game anymore realistic, you aren't a walking glue stick.
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