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GTboxing tutorial (with pics and steps)

hello there, i'm bacic, i was rank 1 in gtboxing.tbm mod back when it was ranked mod and 1000TC tourney.
and i'm gonna show you step by step how to do proper boxing in this mod.
this tutorial is intended both for newbies and for regular players who want to improve their boxing skills.
in this mod, you can't jump around because your feet are glued to the ground, this improves gameplay because it eliminates "punch and run away" thing that you can see ingame alot.
also, you can't run around the ring and kick with your legs.
you have to think, work on both offense and defense and use counter-attack to win.

first, when you load the mod, you have to adjust reaction time to match your skill level.
default is 15, if you are pro. then 15 is ok (i play on 16) but if you are newbie you will need more time to set up your move, maybe 20, 25 or even more.
to change this, once you load the mod (setup->mods->find gtboxing.tbm and click "load"), now go to: setup->game rules->find "reactiontime"(it's on the bottom), change it to your liking and click "ok"
now you'll have enough time to set up your move.

here goes some basics you have to learn to be great boxer:

you can do defensive opener (my favorite), or offensive opener, i named it: BACIC PUNCH!

here's example of offensive opener (some players get mad if you sucker punch them in first frame, but it's easy to counter)
figure 1:

to do it you should relax all, use chest rotation combined with pec to gain momentum, use lumbar, abs and punching hand shoulder to fine tune your aim and use your knees to lean forward.

and here's how to do defensive opener which you have to use to dodge that sucker punch:
figure 2:

lean back using knees and abs, your head is out of opponent's reach but your chest is not so make defensive guard using pec, shoulders and elbows.

keep in mind that doing offensive opener can be very dangerous because if opponent dodges while you are leaning all the way forward, he can easily counterattack and use your forward moving momentum against you.
so safest way is doing defensive opener.
on the other hand, if opponent doesn't dodge, he'll receive strong punch in the face.

to punch you need momentum, momentum comes from chest rotation.
you need to prepare attack from position something like this:
figure 3:

straight stance, shoulders lowered, elbows contracted and pecs extended.

from this position you can rotate chest and punch violently:
figure 4:

to do this from "figure 3" position, relax all, use chest rotation, pec and lumbar to shoot that fist into your opponent's face, use knees to lean forward and abs to adjust aiming height.

never rotate with extended elbows, instead contract elbows while swinging and extend it on the apex of your swing, this way you gain rotation speed which results in faster punches.
swinging with your elbows extended will slow you down.
always when you rotate chest, also rotate lumbar in same direction to keep punching arm in natural trajectory, this will increase your speed if you want to do fast combo with other arm afterwards.
using "relax all" on the beginning of every move and then setting up the move will result in faster movement.
when attacking, keep in mind the most of the points come from punching opponent's head and chest region, so aim your punches carefully because hitting opponent in the arms or legs won't give you much points and could compromise your defenses and expose your own head or chest.

after figure 4, you still have plenty of momentum to unleash right hand punch in order to perform "1-2" combo:
figure 5:

to do this from "figure 4" position, relax all, use rotation of chest combined with rotation of lumbar (always in same direction [right chest, right lumbar and vice versa]), use abs and shoulder to adjust aiming height and knees to lean forward.
combo usually requires 2 frames so space it and go into stage 2.
now all you have to do is play with elbow to find opponent's face.

BAM! you just switched hands lighting fast and punched your enemy in the face with your off hand!
"1-2 combo well done"
combo's are advanced technique and once mastered, you'll be badass boxer.

after you performed your last punch in "figure 5", you lost your attacking momentum.
if you continue to attack now, you will end up all tangled up and overexposing yourself to your enemy.

now, smart thing to do is to go back to defense:
figure 6:

relax all, use your knees and abs to lean back, and your pec, shoulder and elbows to make defensive guard as shown on picture.
you may want to rotate your chest away from incoming punch because chest is point sensitive area and you don't want to be punched there.

from this position you can block or even better dodge punches, and you can easily go to "figure 3" (prepare attack position)
you can do variations on this defense using abs, lumbar and chest to align yourself with incoming punches to block them.
if your attack fails or when in any doubt, always go into defense position "figure 6" where you can be safe and plan your next move calmly.
when opponent is unleashing his combo on you and you can't dodge, you can do "figure 6" with exception of having your abs contracted keeping both chest and head protected from punches in order to block his punch and minimizing damage.

always keep an eye on your opponent because predicting his next move will give you opportunity to counterattack instead of going in defense.

so in general: relax (C) in beginning of every move for speed, use knees and abs to move forward-back, use chest, pecs, shoulders and lumbar to rotate left right, when being attacked, dodge because best defense is not being hit, if you can't dodge, block, keep your head and chest protected because they give away most of the points.
move, swing, dodge, variate between defense and offense and punch your enemy in face!
every gtboxer has his own individual style.
some of them are full offensive, attacking all the time and leaning forward.
some of them are defensive, luring opponent close to them and then throwing punches from the comfort of the defense.
some of them are sneaky bastards, avoiding every punch and last few frames they go full offensive.
best style is well balanced between offense and defense, adjusting to the situation every frame.

last of all, there is few things you have to know about technical details.
this mod works best in 30-60 FPS range, everything above 60 will speed up your ghost to the point you can't estimate your moves precisely.
in my opinion best FPS for this mod is about 35.
if your PC runs too low (lower then 20 FPS), then increase FPS by going to setup->options->advanced and untick every box except for "obj model" and "body textures" , then click "ok"
this will disable fancy graphics, but will improve your FPS alot.
after all, this game is about physics and gameplay, not graphics.

i hope you'll fall in love with this great mod which mimics real boxing moves perfectly and hopefully see you in-game now when we have Official Public server.

here's example replay of one match:
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Very very nice bacic but you need to add more replays, maybe some of our bouts hehe.

Everything I read looked really helpful but I wanted to build on some of the things bacic wrote. Also a few things I would tweak:
never rotate with extended elbows

I want to add two exceptions to this:
1. IF your opponent is very near to you (head almost touching head) you can throw a near hook by starting a wide (extended elbow) punch and then hooking (contract elbow) the punch in. (First punch is a mid-range hook.)
2. This is an advanced tactic but I will feint a punch by starting an extended punch rotation. This gets my opponent to defend from that hand while I sneak them with a quick straight. See this replay where I do exactly that at the beginning.

after you performed your last punch in "figure 5", you lost your attacking momentum.
if you continue to attack now, you will end up all tangled up and overexposing yourself to your enemy.

This is conditional, I think:
1. If you don't see any immediate counter attacks from your opponent you can continue your combo but you must be vigilant and creative.
2.Bacic is right in that you can't over-extend yourself for too long. I find a great technique is to have one knee extended, one contracted.
With each punch you cycle these joints and this keeps you in that perfect "pocket" range where you can attack and evade with finesse. But this requires practice.
3.Of course when you are sure you have a solid kill shot setup, go after 'em.

Last thing I want to point out is a critical common mistake for beginners. Never, ever, ever, evahhhhhhhh do this:

Bitch Clinch

I call it the bitch clinch because as you can see the standing Uke can deliver what ever whoop-ass he desires upon me and theres no way to defend or counter.
It's common for new boxers to get stuck in this position and they find themselves receiving atomic blasts to their sides and back of the head. Sometimes you can bait a player into this position and use one arm to hold them down while delivering rib shots with the other.

Lastly Here Are Some Extra Tips:
1. Defense > Offense. Cover up and predict your opponent's punches.
2. Blocking works! Though evasion is more safe, blocking allows you counter punch immediately.
3. Ankles and hips are nearly useless. I find they make no difference in punching or movement speed, so its best to keep them relaxed.
4. Use elbow strikes. If your opponent is too close to punch just cut him with an elbow slash. They are powerful and allow you to block and strike simultaneously.
5. More to come!
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