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Originally Posted by IKoorie View Post
Shame, I thought helping small clan in popularity and rank but good to what I see ca will not walk like that, but good damage you miss a big opportunity

You did not include some of the things that we need to know about before accepting you.
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letsalllovelain| #freeHK
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My Application
This account is as you can see freshly made but, it's only because I lost the login information for my previous account named DawnRipper (you can see all my toribash history there). So no I am not a white belt and I did not just join, It's boring when you play alone and I also LOVE anime so I decided to send you guys an app... because of the clan's name.

What can you offer to ecchi: I can offer my entire social activity because I literally do nothing at home anyway, finished school so yeah. I can also offer complete dedication and determination to success.

Clans I have been in:

I've only been in Legion once, but that clan is now long dead, I spoke with nobody and played with RARELY who, because the clan was not socially bonded at all.
I've also been in Electric, then it fell apart so I decided to leave...

What's your favorite mod: I'm very good at wushu related mods, grappling mods are not my thing, but I do them sometimes anyway. And I also like those random ones with all kinds of stuff in them.

How often do you play: I play Daily, during the day for about 2-3 hours and then before sleep a bit more.

Do you post regularly in forums: No I don't actually but I'm always up to date with the new events and I like to buy low and sell high the items :P

Do you check and respond to your PMs: Thats literally the first thing I check whenever I get on the forums. Which I do on daily basis.

I have a Discord account, of course.

I'm just weird, or should I say TOO normal. Able to withstand and counter many arguments in a debate session or just normal arguing which as you can tell suggests that I can use my brain (to some extent) unlike many other "people" (more like animals, but that would be offensive for animals) you meet in the Toribash lobbies nowadays.

I love drawing sketches of whatever I think of or whatever else. Although I have tried it on a PC it came out that the mouse is not the same as the pen...
If I had the pen and the touchpad, maybe then.

I love watching anime as I stated, I'm a slavic south european male. Serbian to be more specific, and I love me some big booty.
I'm 18 years old, know how to cook certain meals and how to prepare fast food/snacks/drinks/etc...
As all slavs do I of course like beer or firewater, wine, etc, although I am really weak against alcohol so my body gives in really quick (you wouldn't believe how quick), which is the main reason why I don't drink TOO often but only in special occasions...
On a Bicycle I'm a maniac, I can overtake a tractor while speeding downhill in the 21st gear no problem. If you see me on my bike in any sort of traffic, just move away I may cause collateral damage.
I have decent moderation and administration skills, since I play lots of games and I have a few clans of my own, and also ones that I am a part of.
I also wanted to join this clan because my friend told me not so long ago that he was in a clan with Yami, previously known as Psycho. Used to be best friends with Yami and that sort of things, you may know him by the in-game name of SmokeShadow. Me and him are friends since we wore diapers together. So he told me I would suit in that kind of company the best, so now I am here to try my luck. :P

My regards.

EDIT: God I just realized how long this is...

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What can you offer to ecchi : A Helping in clans works , give suggestion to some artworks , anime that you guys would like to watch that is Ecchi and more! , make the clan rise to the top and also might make it be an official clan ... hmmm might also give some ecchi pictures xD

What's your favorite mod : my Favourite mods are Akidobigdojo , Greykido , Mushu , Judo And akido .. but my Best One is on Greykido and Akidobigdojo

How often do you play? : I Play Often Late Night or no School days but basicly i will be online more in the forums rather than ingame cause i use my phone to check the forums 24/7

Do you post regularly in forums? : i do post Reguraly in The Forums ! like 24k MAGIC /7 A day , Im Aiming to be a marketeer or a profression toribash marketter like that shott..and yeah i will be often online on toribash forum in my phone or the pc while i was playing on no school days

Do you check and respond to your PMs? : Yes i do Check my PMS Alot , but if it reaches 100 messages il be lazy to watch em Hehehe

ecchi has a discord to keep in touch so I will pm it to you, if accepted : Yea Sure i have A Discord as Well Also! XD

My Age Is : 12951732996137296239 ( 17 )

My Hobbies that i like to do are Playing Toribash , Watching ecchi Animes , Animes 24/7 , Kissanime and some dota 2 Gameplay XD

Skills : 1337 Or Suplex GOD of akido maybe Some Mushu Lightning Flash etc Like that , i can beat Druggedpanda xD

Join My Social Group , LOLICON FANS xD Join Now!

well Thats all Sincerely ~ SuperLolicon
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Good app, it's a yes for me.
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What can you offer to ecchi?
My time to play together with clan members or helping clan members on some activies
What's your favorite mod?
Aikido, Mushu
How often do you play?
Do you post regularly in forums?
Do you check and respond to your PMs?

About me
I've been playing Toribash since 2010, also on several ID's. My highest belt on my alt is Black Belt. I joined a clan back then but we rarely communicate each other since the there were no decent chat apps, then when I entered uni I decided to stop playing.

Here is my self-proclaimed stats:
Aikido 5/10
Mushu 5/10
*Comeback 2/10
*Walk 0/10

Reason to join
Weeks ago I decided to play this game again to get rid of my boredom. I wanted to hone my Aikido and Mushu skills, but it's hard to make friend here. Maybe because of its stupid messaging system in game.

Then when I was playing in mushu room, I saw someone with (ecchi) tag. I was like wth is wrong with this person, then I searched for the clan. After that I throwed several random jokes, turns out person is funny.Then I played Aikido this day and met with this person again, he invited me to clan's Discord. Then I think it's time to put the application.
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