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(_) glitch_ Recruitment Thread

glitch_ is a new, relaxed clan that's looking for members.
Applying for us is easy. Here's what you need to do:

There's no template. Create an application (standard is write a paragraph or two) about yourself, your ingame history, and a bit about why you want to join. We'll look over your application and decide whether you're in.

The application is freeform. It can be in any format or style you desire.

Good luck!
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Hi, my name's Witherus and this my application for glitch_

About yourself

In real life, I'm male, English, and my hobbies include soccer/football/what you wanna call it, video games, and other sports in general.

In Toribash, I play a very counteractive style of fighting. In ABD (one of my favorite mods), I am a player who pulls off saves and counters, rather than decapping and ripping the opponent to shreds. My favorite mods are as follows:

* Boxshu
* Pendulum Jumper
* Twinswords
* A little bit of footmod and MSDS

How I discovered Toribash

I first discovered the game in 2013 through my brother on an old account. I got up to Blue Belt and forgot password XD. I wasn't really intrigued by multiplayer back then; I often practiced in free play more than going onto public servers. 4 years later, I'm back with a new account and reached Black Belt in less than 5 weeks.

Why I want to join

Looks like a fun new clan that you've put a lot of effort in, and I feel like I'd love the idea of joining a clan that isn't already great upon joining, but to be a clan member as it grows and gets better through time.

Previous clans

* Attack - left because of inactivity

Other information

I spend like all of my time in Toribash either in QA servers, ETourneys, or bet servers.
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Yeah, you're cool.

Welcome to glitch!

Just remember to keep things chill ingame, and you'll be good. Glad to have you in!
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Clan: glitch_

Greetings! My username is 12388 and I'm gonna draw some inspiration from Whiterus' application.

IF you need some personal info about me: I was born on twenty-forth of October in Plovdiv Bulgaria, which makes me about seventeen years old and in eleventh grade in high school. I study art stuff or puppet making for theatre spectacles and such and I'm also learning about sculpting.

In-game history: There isn't much to say here. I joined 28/10/2011 by searching for ragdoll games to play. I do have some skill in boxshu and aikido, probably. Pretty active on the forums and in-game. Also had problems with PC in 2012 fixed it by 2014, then had problems again and now I'm back again. Have been banned 3 times. 1st ban: Ignoring rules. 2nd ban: Useless post. 3rd ban: Posted "ACEPT ME PLZ" on a clan thread.
Existential Crisis.

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Cool dude, I've talked to you a good amount before. Sorry for the relatively late response.

Accepted! Welcome to glitch_. If you use discord, be sure to join ours! The link's on the clan thread.
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Hey, my name is Sid and I would like to join glitch_.

About me
I'm a 15 year old guy and I live in the Netherlands (GMT +1). I like spending my time sitting behind a desk playing video games, watching certain series/anime or playing basketball (just a hobby for now, not looking to play in a team or anything like that). When I'm playing Toribash, I'm either playing Singeplayer, hanging out in quick Aikido rooms or hanging out in sparring rooms. Aikido and BigDojo are my favourite mods and I would consider myself pretty decent at them. I also like ErthTK and lenshu (although I'm absolutely awful at them).

Ingame history
I started playing Toribash back in June of 2012, after I found a video of ChimneySwift11 playing the game. I fell in love and started playing it myself. When 2014 came around, my activity became minimal due to school, social life and videogames, causing me to no longer have time for Toribash. In the summer of 2016 I started playing again then stopped again in November, and got back into the game in May of this year. I'm not planning to drop out anymore due to Toribash Next, which caused my interest in this game to come back. My noteworthy clan history is being in [NAO] for a little bit then getting kicked out, then getting invited to (Soap), leaving that clan due to it being inactive, then joining (AS), and after a while I got bored of it because the clan pretty much died. I currently do SP replaymaking, lots and lots of quick aikido, and a little bit of sparring.

Why I want to join
I want to join this clan because it's new and I see it having potential, which I would like to be a part of and contribute to. It also helps that JinJe is a part of this clan, which is one of my favourite members of the community.
That was my app, thanks for considering it.
(I'll join the clan's discord if I get accepted)
Wade: AS suck ass
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Duuude holy shit, i totally forgot about chimneyswift. I wonder if he still makes videos.

I've seen you around and stuff before, you're a cool dude. Accepted. Welcome to glitch_!
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Name is Khur (pronounced like Cure, creative, i know )
Ima Newb c;
I want to join glitch_ because I love the fact of a relaxed clan with cool members. Plus I played with kahn today and we had a nice chat c; lol
Ive actually been playing this game for a long while. So my ingame history spans over about 5 years.
Im 21 years old.
I don't like sarcasm
I love the clan tag, its a clan tag I would marry <3
And lastly... Im not good at writing so this is probably the worst application you will ever see...
Good day bb's <3
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Glitch_ Application
Hello, members of glitch_.

About me
My name is Cooper, and my ingame is RawrBomb. I'm 16 years old, white, and live in New England (EST -5). I'm an avid gamer, but I do it mostly to have a good time with friends. I'm a pretty social person, and I do very well in school. I play football, which keeps me active. I also work most of the time during the summer.

Ingame History
I've been playing Toribash on and off since 2012. It's been a hobby of mine, and I love to just play and have fun, while also being competitive when I can. I mostly play during the summers, because that's when I have the most time. I've joined many clans since I first started, but I'm mostly just looking for a relaxed one where I can hang out with active people. I enjoy hosting bet servers mostly, and just having some friendly competition with other players. It's fun to watch people bet all their tc. ;)

Why I want to join
Glitch seems like a very relaxed clan, and that's what I'm looking for. I just want to have some fun with clanmates and come together as a family. I would also love to help this clan in any way possible because it seems like a good experience for me. I aspire to know everyone still active in Toribash and become friends with as many players as possible. Being in this clan could help me connect with more people.

Thank you for considering my application.


Go and play some Toribash. Go on, you deserve it.
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Hey, you dudes are being discussed, give us a bit.
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