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Accepted. Welcome to glitch_!
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Clan: glitch_

Heya! My name is Apixelated(Call me Apix),and this is my app!

~About me~
Well first of all my irl name is Juan. Im from San Luis,Argentina.
Im 14 years old.
I do football(or soccer) but principally basketball.
I play other games like: Trove-APB Reloaded-Paladins-Brawlhalla-Payday 2, and alot more.
My favourite music genre is mostly house,but i also hear glitch hop,Drum n Bass,Electronic and Dubstep

~In-Game/Forum Info~
I play alot of mods(except judo,fuck that shit). My favourite mods are ABD,Taekkyon and ErthTKv2.
Actually im using an old shitty laptop and i dont have good replays for send.
Well im a "marketer"(idk i call me marketer,because im bad asf),i was a texture maker,but i abandoned it because i was really bad.

~Why i want to join?~
I was looking for a new clan with friendly people for meet.I was in a lot of clans and i met a lot of toxic players.(also that clan tag look so sexy...
~Previous clans~
(Veal),[Electric],(Weed),[MAU],(Flame),(Shockwave) and [MM]

Well i have no more to say. Wish me luck!
uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas~
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Accepted. Welcome to glitch_ broe o3o

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Yopistol App
I say howdy alot, Southern USA got ahold of me.

About me:
Incredibly handsome and talented young man, 18 years old. Speak 4 languages (English, Spanish, Danish, and Catalan) and I interned with a neurosurgeon for a few days and got to watch him poke a patient's brain, pretty great, anyhow, off topic.
Toribash Exprience:
Started in 2013, was a nub, lost main account, had this one in reserve, quit 2014, got back into it 2015/16 and now I'm here. Normally a better than decent Boxshu player and Aikido is mediocre at times but I haven't been playing too much of it lately.
Why I want to join:
Been playing for a while and got back into the game and really want the game to have more depth because dismembering ragdolls and salted players isn't as fun as it used to be. I want to be able to do that and add in a new element of competitive play to make the game more interesting, and make the occasional salted 9 year old who saw the game free on steam, more bearable.

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Accepted. Seen you a bit in-game and you seem chill and good at boxshu o3o

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Hello (_), some reasons why I want to join _ is, I can help the clan out in different things, while i'm not very skilled I can help this clan in any means necessary.
I am on toribash frequently and i am on the forum or torishop most of the time.
Some ways you can contact me are on then forum, discord (if you have one) or in the game itself. Back to how i can help the clan, if there's a small task you need done you can contact me to do it, if your warring but need a substitute i can replace him/her.

When you get a chance to read this id like to thank you for taking your time and looking at this application, if you don't accept me it's fine and thank you for the chance to join such a medium clan but great one, again thank you.
btw im ingame getting tested atm

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Passed recruitment, female, hobbies are being a G.O.A.T, uuhhhhhhh...being a G.O.A.T annnnnnnnnddddddd being red, red is my favorite color, I'm 11
started as baby GOAT then became adult GOAT, was apart of SINS, SixPaths, Rogue, Wapow, others aren't so important, i left because they were inactive, then became a clan mercenary (helping clans win wars)
Why: I see this can is active and i know people in it
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@GuardianB Denied. You may apply again in a week or so.

@RedBooza Accepted. Saw you ingame and you seem pretty chill, and very good at ABD. Well done. Welcome to glitch_!
Go and play some Toribash. Go on, you deserve it.
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Clan: glitch_

-IRL Info-

Im Young, Im A Paid Graphic Designer, I Like Sports I Am Going To Do Track And Basket Ball At My School, I Dont Usually Like Competitive Games But Toribash Intreges Me And I First Discovered This Game 2 Years Ago Looking For Free Games Because I Was Cheap LOL, Anyway i Thought That it Was A Great Game And i Literally Got Addicted So Much That My Mom Broke My Pc Because I Spent So Much Time On The Game Lmao, I Think I Am Putting To Much On The IRL Info LOL, Moving On
-Game Info-

*I Had A Old Acc That Was 4th Dan But Lost Pass And User LOL
*This New Acc Is Blue Belt But I still Have Pretty Decent Skill, Might Not Be Able To Beat My Boi Scourge But I Have Pretty Good Skill Lol
*I Have 155k But at The Time Of Writing This Im Buying Cel Shaded Tori For 40k, But What Im Getting At Is I can Help With Bet Servers
*I Dont have a rank because i havent unlocked ranked matches lol
Why I Want In??

I Want In The Clan Because I Have Been Back on Toribash For A While Now And I thought I Should Start Getting Into Making Friends And Having Fun And Also Because I Thing Glitch Is Great Clan Name lol
Thanks For Reading
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