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tell a short story
just write a short story about something that happened to you that you may found funny,sad,cringy or whatever you feel like sharing.

yesterday i ate dinner out with friends and one of us forgot his wallet so we decided to prank him into thinking that no one paid for his food and he is getting in some minor but anoying problems,
apparently the cashier of the restaurant is someone i know so we told him what we wanted to do, so when the time for the payment arrived he told him that he got to pay for it, we told him that we didn't have money, he looked up and down, left and right, he took his phone out and gave it to the cashier as a garanteed that he will pay him later and went straight out whispering to himself *fuck my god* over and over, he took his shirt off while everyone is looking, turned to us and shouted(not too hard) *fucking assholes*, everyone was looking at him and i was dying of laughing, my friend went to get him back and he ran into the glass, my heart couldn't handle any more.
well we ended up apologizing untill reaching home but whatever. it was hilarious to watch his reactions.

its missing alot of details so... :/ whatever.
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boys i had a vivid yet weird dream...
It was like a normal day, i open my laptop and open toribash forum like always. I remember that suddenly i was a staff member, but i can't remember which one. However at that time, somehow i am sure that i am dreaming since the layout is the oldschool layout not the current one with a lot of weird addition sub board for staff (I already can't remember what those sub board are, but i had a feeling that it was a whack)... I remember that i do a spree of random ban people cos i know that i am dreaming and then i woke up lol

Which makes me wondering... Why would i dream about toribash in the first place
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Here are two for your enjoyment:


Brain Twist

Just stuff I remember hearing when I was young
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