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Originally Posted by Blink View Post

Hey everybody, I don't usually do this because I fail

miserably but here we go.

Some Probably Useful Info:

*Country: Philippines

*Timezone/GMT: GMT +8

*Reason for Joining le Clan
(These maybe the most generic reasons but):

-I wanted to join because I know I can help in wars with my somewhat useful experience in ABD and I can be active again because in about a week and a half school will "mostly" end.

-I also wanted to join because I know that the members are active, nice and fun to hang out with (plus, light is also a Filipino).

-Most importantly, Liquor has the possibility to be the best clan in the present.

*I have a stash full of offensive and stale memes hidden somewhere.

My History in Toribash

I started playing back in October of 2016, which means I have been playing for about 2 years (I will officially have my "anniversary" in about a week). I really didn't like the game the first time I played it, I felt that it was too weird. But then I found out that a forum for this game exists and made some friends. I was shitposting here and there but I stopped for a bit because I was afraid to be banned since I just got some new friends. What kept me playing the game was the singleplayer aspect of it (basically replaymaking) since I can't play multiplayer because my internet was trash at the time. I watched a few videos on Youtube about this game most notably from the channel Man on Fire Films (a.k.a Arcade Crowd, rip) and from Concon. When I finally got a good internet I tried multiplayer for the first time and was amazed at how toxic it was (beginner servers were bad, like really bad) but of course, there are the few good people who actually were fun to hang out with, so I got more friends. I wondered what the names with parentheses mean. So I looked in the forums and found the clans page. Wanting to get one, I made some trash apps (some were accepted lmao) on random clans I see. But one time in-game some dude was hosting a recruitment server for the clan whiplash. I lost a lot but the dude somehow still recruited me because of my "potential", making (Ash) my first ever clan. Skipping a few months, I had more friends in the internet than ever and I became addicted to this game, I was making some decent replays, I was becoming better in competitive mods and having a lot of fun. And we end up right here, I actually didn't think that I would play this game for 2 years lmao.

IRL info (I'll make this in bullet form because it took longer than I expected to type the tb history section lol)

*My birthday is in June 1 of 1889 (I won't say the year because I don't wanna be kidnapped buy the drug dealer next door)

*My languages are: English and Filipino (I speek wan hoondred pircint purfect einglesh)

*My hobbies are reading, gaming and playing drums (because I was in a band).

*That's basically it because I don't have a life

I'm Good at other shit in game too:

*I'm atleast somewhat good in replay-making

*Offending people unintentionally *looking at Crow*


Okay I'm finally done, if you accept my app I'll send the pope's nudes

You already know my discord account and stuff
P.S. If you have further questions, please call 911 (hit me up on discord)

Man im rlly sorry to say but you didn't make it in. Good luck next time!
The secret of our success is that we never, never give up.
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clan mods are better than event noobs
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All applications currently have been carded and found fake or denied. Get a better ID or to the appropriate age to drink.
The Landlord here does not wish to get sued for the Bar Managers' mistakes.
Thank you all!
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