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Slowing a replay down or making it faster does not work
When I start a replay and try to slow it down with , or make it faster with . does not work!

I just started the replay and as you could see, it seems broken. When I try moving the speed of the replay it does not work at all! (I could show it with an mp4 video but I don't know how to make one within few seconds)

I'm also not the only one who is having this problem, ConCon also has this problem and here is one video.


I and ConCon are not the only ones who might be having this problem but few people also.

Some say it works when the replay ends but if that is how it supposed to be, then imagine 2000 frames replay and you have to wait for it to end to be able to slow the replay down or make it faster.

fr tho halp pls.

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Hmmm, I've realized using an older version without the newer menu the replays are fine if you load them(not quick load them)ingame. I have the newer menu and it seems that there is only one load button(which is view replay), and it seems that this load button is simply the old quick load button.

Just thought to get that out there, so for now you might need to use an older version to get the replay to speed up or slow down, also, you can tell if it's also working if the multiplier is black or gray, if it's gray it isn't workin (Like your image) and if it's black then it should work.

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Don't know if this is applicable, but when I use the older menu - which gives the option of quick load vs load - I find that you'll be able to control the speed (assuming you click quick load) AFTER letting your replay play out in its entirety once without resetting (r). The speed multiplier starts off grey and turns black after one run of the replay.

The regular load button takes a brief moment to play the replay (but you should be able to control the speed right as it loads up).
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Currently the replay should download after watching one time through. Think of it as a cloud storage, once it’s fully loaded in you should be able to change the speeds if you want. However if you still have the issues afterwards it should be noted also
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